Down syndrome Awareness Month - Pippy Layne Way

Last year when October rolled around I got caught up in Down syndrome Awareness Month...It was Pippy's first one and since I failed horribly at her first World Down syndrome Day, it was yet, another chance to make it up to her. Another way to prove to her & the world that this part of who she is, deserves really to be celebrated...

So I took a blog challenge, among many other momma-bloggers to write & post every single day in October to help bring awareness...

Here are some of my fav blogs from that time:

As much as I loved sharing with y'all, I found that it was too much to do with two little hooligans & it stressed me out at the end of the day, knowing I had to create a blog post...Now add on everything else going on in my world and the thought isn't even a thought because it just isn't a possibility. 

So instead to keep me sane, my babies happy & Happy Soul Project running, I am going to do 3 things:

1- Launch our Pippy Lane #differentisbeautiful Collection which features knitwear by LeeLee Infinity exclusively celebrating Down syndrome. Hello, how cute would these be on a Buddy Walk?

2- I still want to see Pippy on Ellen - I want to be able to share her contagious smile with everyone, bring light to our #differentisbeautiful mission and hopefully get more people to help with our Awesome Eh? Acts & Kick-Cancer's-Arse Capes. So in October, everyday instead of blogging I will be sharing a picture or video on Ellen's Facebook Page and bugging y'all to do the same...This bloody woman can't ignore us for that much longer right? 

Okay maybe she can, but either way the more we share the more Pip's smile gets around showing others how outrageously beautiful life can be with Down syndrome.


3- Throughout October I will be part of a few fundraisers to not only help bring awareness to Down syndrome but hopefully raise some moula to help with our Happy Soul Project's Initiatives...Check out our Facebook Page for details about upcoming events with Group Hug Apparel & Sweetheart Baby Boutique...

And yes, this is me & my girl doing I'm a Little TeaPot!!! Swoon right?

So, maybe in years to come I will go back to the 31 for 21 Challenge and blog everyday in October, but for now I will find my own ways in which I proudly celebrate the one who forever changed October for me... 

P.S - If you are in love with the Pippy Lane #differentisbeautiful Collection shop HERE - Part of our proceeds will go to the Canadian Down syndrome Society. 

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