A few weeks ago I had one of those is-this-really-happening-I-might-faint-kinda aha moments...Instead of fainting, I just busted out in tears...It happens, not often, but it happens...

Pip and I were in Calgary and went to the Canadian Down syndrome Society headquarters - Right off the hop, the spirit and passion the team showed was inspiring & contagious. 

But the reason we were there is something I don't even think I can explain, it is something I am beyond humbled about & maybe one of the proudest things I will ever do in my life.

In Canada, when you are told your child has Down syndrome whether that be a pre-diagnosis or post-birth, you are given a "New Parent Package" - Kinda like an Orientation or "What to Expect" information kit...In those early days with Pip, that was the last thing I wanted to read but my husband actually found it crucially helpful. For me however, I wanted a real, raw look at what to expect from another momma, not factual information from a doctor or organization.

Now close to two years after me wanting to throw that bloody "New Parent Package" across the hospital room because I was in such a dark, terrified place - I get to be that momma who gives a real, raw look at what to expect. I get to pour my heart out into a letter that will now go in every "New Parent Package" across Canada.

The fact that I desperately wanted this when I found out and now am going to actually be the person to give it, floors me. 

I am so humbled that through my own story with Pip, through my words, through my honest thoughts - somehow, someone might be able to connect and it just might bring a bit of hope to what they are feeling...

Floored...Just floored...

On top of the emotional moment regarding the letter, I was told that this cool cat Paul, who is a blogger too, is adding a letter from someone with Down syndrome to be including in the "New Parent Package" also - Bloody awesome. 

And then if that wasn't enough, I mean seriously my heart was about to burst at this point, I was told that Pip will be the Canadian Down syndrome Society's 2014-2015 See the Ability Billboard.

"From November 1 to 7, Canadians across the country will be celebrating the 45,000 people with Down syndrome in Canada for National Down Syndrome Awareness Week (NDSAW).

National Down Syndrome Awareness Week celebrates Canadians with Down syndrome, many of whom are making important contributions to their communities and teaching all people to “See the Ability.”

Representing the campaign this year is Pip McCallan from Kingston, Ontario. She will appear on the 2014-2015 CDSS billboard with her brother, Noal and her mother, Tara, the popular blogger behind Happy Soul Project(www.happysoulproject.com). Pip was named a Canadian Down Syndrome Society Hero earlier this year.

This year’s message reflects a sentiment shared by many parents of people with Down syndrome: “She teaches us to paint outside the lines.”

Outrageous right? 

I mean, I can't, I mean, what, I mean, I have no words...Seriously, Pip and this billboard will be ALL OVER CANADA...

I am so honoured to work with this amazing organization and look forward to painting the world a bit brighter together...

Seriously outrageous though, right?