Dear Brit, 
Today for some odd-unknown-outrageously-awesome reason you posted a picture of my little girl Pip, with our #differentisbeautiful message to the thousands-of-bazillion-people who follow you...

Within minutes, I was getting flooded with messages from any & everyone who follows Happy Soul Project about what you had done. 

I don't think you really understand what you have though.

Not only did you share an important-much-needed message, brought awareness to Down syndrome and got anyone who loves Pip to shoutout and claim it was her.

You gave a tired-weary-starting-to-doubt-what-I'm-even-doing momma a big ol' boost of hope.

Pip will be four tomorrow and she's done more, been through more & inspired more, than most people do their entire lives. 

She's literally inspired my everything & because of her I do what I do.

Pip was recently diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, just recovered from her 10th surgery, has Celiac Disease, is usually in bed by 6:30 & I'm just so God-damn-tired that her birthday party will consist of a Costco gluten-free pizza, 4 balloons hung up by our Elf-on-the-shelf and her hometeam singing Happy Birthday as many times as she wants. 

And she'll feel loved & she'll be over-the-top happy.

But despite all that, a wee bit of momma guilt will still make an appearance for not throwing her a birthday party. 

So, because the internet is a weird and wild place, you proved that today. I thought what the heck, why not give it a go, can't hurt to ask. 

You wanna throw a Pip's 4th Birthday Bash with moi?

Here's the thing. Hear me out. 

I run a cool thing called Happy Soul Project. Here's a small peek into what our Non-Profit does: 

  • #differentisbeautiful: From our annual calendar, to inspiring companies to have inclusion in advertising. From our school presentations or chatting with medical students & doctors to our Ted Talk - We are spreading a message that being YOU is being BEAUTIFUL.

  • #BeAwesomeToday:On the 15th of every month we challenge thousands of people around the world to do something awesome for someone else.

  • #Kick-It-Capes: Close to 6,000 kids have received a personalized superhero cape to help them get through cancer, a terminal illness or face a vast difference in their lives. 

  • #SchoolKits: We're launching a school/club/group program about how to live with a Happy Soul. Which engages kids in important life lessons, opportunities to help their communities and teaches confidence in being themselves.

  • #PenpalProject: An old-school-paper-and-pen concept linking kids and parents to others in similar situations. 

So Brit, how cool would it be to throw a bash that helps our Pip-inspired-Projects soar? 

I was thinking all Pip's favorites:
 - You along with musical guests Bruno, Justin x 2, Walk Off the Earth & obviously Adele.

- And since Ellen is pretty much all their BFF's, I guess we should probably invite her too - Hello, #OperationEllenMeetPip 

- And then I mean, whomever you wanna rope in too.


Let's chat.

P.S - If a party isn't your thing. Maybe you could facilitate us pranking Ellen instead. I'd be killer at that Dennis Quaid hidden camera prank kinda thing.

P.P.S - If everyone and their mothers read this and Britney doesn't - Please help instead. You can donate to our Non-Profit Projects HERE!!!

P.P.P.S - Back to Brit again, out of curiosity what in Sweet Jesus moved you to share Pip's photo?