I often wonder about that mentality, of;
"If we met now, would we be friends."

And as kind.
And as sweet,
And as absolutely lovely, my best friend is.

The honest answer is, I don't know. 
Who we are together today, is because of the 37 years of friendship, behind us.
Because we are & always have been, so completely different. 
I'm sassy & she's sweet, kinda thing. 

And our lives after highschool, participated in stages-of-life, decades apart. 
She had babies when we were in our early twenties. 
Whereas, I couldn't decide what country to live in, what Degree to finish or what boy to like.

We experienced adulthood completely differently. 

Yet, our hearts have always remained hooked.
We just get each other. 
When we see each other, we somehow each gain strength from one another.  
And our souls kinda leave a little happier.

Because even though we are now miles apart. 
And not in each others daily lives. 
We are connected. 
Forever & Ever. 

The Universe made sure of that. 

Not only do we love each other immensely and have been through everything, from our first heartbreaks, to the heartbreaking challenges we've both faced in mommahood.

Our first-born-sons, unbelievably share the same birthdays.

Hers was born first. 
And was late. 
And right off the hop, I weirdly, claimed he would be my favourite, outta-the-three she always said she wanted.
And Maiysn was her middle. 
The core of her heart. 

Years later, my son Noal came 3-and-half-weeks early. 
On July 27th. 
The exact same day.

And I'll never understand why hers can't still be here. 
Why at 8-years-old, the Universe thought it fair, to take him away. 
Why our boys can't celebrate birthdays together. 
Or why, I have to see my best friend, learn to live with a broken heart. 

All I know, is if I met her today. 
And somehow, someway we connected. 
I'd be lucky. 

Because she's the type of person who pushes herself aside. 
And takes all that brokenness & still walks bravely, allowing love in. 

My son Noal is in hockey & my husband helps coach the team. 
So, unless I wanna chase after Theo and hike-up-a-wheelchair & Pip, I don't go to his six-year-old "games."
Or at least I haven't, in months. 

But, even though I know, it must have tugged at her heart, or it least it would on mine.
She is the biggest Hockey Mom, I know. 
And she'd give anything to watch her Maiysn play again. 

She lovingly & proudly, taught me how to be a #hockeymom to my son.

And I like to think, if I I met her now.
I'd still be
 in awe, of how gigantic her heart really is...


[To nominate a child for a Kick-It-Cape, the Project Maiysn inspired - Click HERE

See ya '17...#ComeonEighteen

I'm utterly exhausted. 
I have red circles so deeply burrowed in both my eye sockets both my son & my husband have asked if they'll go away.
My own mother, who has never said one mean thing to me about my appearance before, admitted I look the part of a strung-out-homeless-gal. 

 I'm barely swimming here folks. 

And I have the help of a husband home lately. 
And a mom whose lovingly been here for a month. 

And I'm still just barely holding on. 

My three kids are intense to begin with. 
Heck, nevermind the fact that I'm my daughter's living organ 24/7. 
But, add in this kick-in-the-balls, 3 days before her Fifth Birthday.

And the Holidays, hosting a Full-House-of-family. 

Combating not only that my 45-pound-child now has to be carried or in a wheelchair for a month-&-a-half. But, her Type-One-Diabetes daily nonsense is completely thrown off because her activity level has plummeted since her surgery. Add in watching out for gluten because of Celiac Disease & a wicked case-of-the-flu taking a few of us out. 

Then keep in mind, I have three-of-them.
And they all are at the age, that I am still their everything

But, now that I am stretched taking on these extra demands. 
I have less time for each, like I normally do. 
So, they're acting out. HARD.

My six-year-old is beyond what I'd call bratty. 
My five-year-old is super sucky, crying for momma numerous times a day. 
And my two-year-old is being a real dick about bedtime. 

Am I pushed to my limits? You bet.

Then add in the Holidays. 
The gifts, making it special, Santa & the darn-but-oh-so-magical Elf. 
All the extra stuff. 
Then the unstoppable need to purge. 
And Reset. 

In the midst of it all, trying to stay connected to friends & social media. But barely finding the energy to stay awake long enough to live vicariously through others. And not even feeling slightly jealous, because I'm so damn tired. I literally just feel tired for them. I can't even imagine gusto-ing up enough energy to do what they're doing. 

But thankfully, I can see light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel because my Pip, like she ALWAYS DOES. 

Lives her life #RefusingtoSINK
And teaches me to do the same. 

And I'm always in awe. 
And encouraged by her zeal.
And watching her live her life like she does, somehow makes me feel stronger.

It humbles me, that I have been chosen, to make her ALWAYS feel the way that she does.

To feel like she can conquer anything. 
To feel happy despite a situation. 
And to feel like she lives bravely.
Like her momma is trying to do.

To those swimming too, FIGHT ON.

And lets all feel hope together, for 2018...



Above my daughter's crib rest a small painting that reads, 
"Life is more beautiful, because you are here."

And no truer statement can be made about my Pip.
Every one who meets her leaves feeling good.
She holds a special connection with just about anyone who enters her life.
Any space she's in feels brighter because of how she shines. 

And that's why I share glimpses of her with y'all. 
Her magic just simply can't be contained. 

And because of her, so much has been inspired.
But, because of YOU, so much has been accomplished.
Truly, y'all have given me & Happy Soul Project this opportunity to have a voice that stirs up change & creates amazing things inspired by my little girl.

Including our 2018 #differentisbeautiful Calendar that we are trying to get in classrooms across the globe.

As of right now, over 350 schools have them to powerfully hang up, hopefully starting a conversation & preaching a message of acceptance & inclusion.

And the fact, that my little girl who turns FIVE today, inspired such a movement is beyond me.

So, while I lay here beside her as tears stream down my face I'm in awe.
Awed that this little person was chosen to be mine. 
Awed that her life holds such powerful purpose. 
And awed that we have so many people around the world who lift us up.

Not only have we felt all of your love this week, after Pip had major surgery, but we know we can count on you today to leave a mark on her birthday...

So calling on #PipsArmy
The 32,998 of you on Facebook.
The 25,600 of you on Instagram.
And the 2,145,571 of you that have viewed the blog.

If all of y'all donated just $5 towards our #ClassroomCalendarProject, can you imagine the amount of schools we could reach.

But since only a fraction of you comment or like a post, I'm assuming only that many tune in, or my settings are off, or it's because I've never promoted Happy Soul Project or something screwy like that. 

But guess what I've realized? Only a fraction, makes a pretty powerful punch.

So, if Pip these past 5 years. 
Has inspired you.
Has changed you.
Has made you laugh, smile or snort out loud.

If Happy Soul Project, these past 5 years.
Has moved you.
Has helped you. 
Has made you giggle, cry or rise up a fight for change within.

Then, please if you can, give just $5 to our non-profit today on Pip's birthday.

Our goal is for 5 Big Ones. 


Let's shake up the world today for Pip. Please donate HERE!!!


Making Days to Remember

Yesterday was full of giggles.
Being outrageously silly.
And busting outta school to have a day to remember.

And yet moments in it, I felt utterly shattered.

When her wheelchair got dropped off.
When pre-admin called with her operating time - 7:45 am for all you prayer-send-uppers and good-thoughts-givers.
When I heard the school made a special announcement for Pip's Birthday & to think of her today during her surgery.
When my son asked at bedtime, if he could ask a few questions, including, "Can Pippy die?"
And when I rocked her, as long as I could, trying to soak her in as much as possible.

Because every surgery, makes me thing "what if".

What if something goes wrong?

I hate that it even flickers in my mind - But after doing this TWELVE times.
It does.

And now with Type 1 Diabetes it makes every surgery that much more complicated.

So, we did yesterday up.

With hopes for everything today.

Fingers crossed - Prayers sent up - All the good vibes, & positive thoughts ya got please...


I'll piggyback ya over #LoveMum

Dear Pip, 

Today sweet girl, you were loved. 
You felt it.
I could tell. 
You beamed with happiness.

And my heart almost burst.

Because, in two days you are having a major surgery one that puts both your beloved dancing legs into full-length-casts, not to mention the other surgeons who are performing on your ears & eyes.

And to be blunt - This is getting fricking bloody ridiculous. 

In two days, it will be your 12th surgery. And in case you didn't know, that's a whole helluv a lot!

Today however, I watched you frolic and spin. Twirl and jump. I had this ridiculous grin on my face the entire time you had this in-it-to-win-it one on yours, during Duck,Duck,Goose.

I watched you, as you hugged each guests that arrived to your party. And how you thanked all your friends for the prezzies they spoiled you rotten with. 

I watched you, as you almost burst with excitement at finally getting to blow out your candles & I didn't mind one bit that you wanted to do it three times.

I watched you, as you screamed with each new song that came on, even though I made up a playlist of all your favs. It was like you couldn't believe they were playing back-to-back at your party & you had to dance to each one.

I watched you. And I felt so lucky. 
You've been a whirlwind since you got here. 
And I've never been the same. 

I love you. 
I adore who you are.
I'm kinda actually in awe of you.
And I desperately need you Pip.
You're my soulmate.
So, I'm gonna need you to be brave once more. 
Another hill to climb my darling. 

And today. Watching you. It gave me the boost I need to piggyback ya over, if I have to...

We got this sweet girl.

I love you beyond. 

[All photos done by genevievesimard.photography]