Happy Soul Project is literally run on the ramblings in my mind, lots of love & way too much coffee...

So this momma needs help...You can write my blog on days the words don't seem to flow, you can share & celebrate our #differentisbeautiful message as loudly as we are or you can do any or all of these 3 things...

One: Shop...Shop...Shop - That's right whenever you shop HERE, part of the proceeds go towards funding all of Happy Soul Project Initiatives.

Two: If you can donate what you can, whether that be items, gifts or moula towards our Awesome Eh Acts - It's simply random acts of kindness in which we want to leave someone with nothing left to say except, "Awesome Eh." For more information about our Awesome Eh Acts and how to donate or get involved click HERE.

Three: Help with our Kick-It-Capes...You can donate capes, fabric, moula, start a sewing bee, get friends or schools on board - Anything to help get a cape in our hands & wrapped awesomely around a kid who needs it. For more information about our Kick-It-Capes, like patterns, where to send them or how to nominate a child click HERE - And to donate & buy a child, whether you know them or not, a cape click HERE.

I can't do any of what we do without the help & heart of y'all - So thank you for being a part of this with me - For wanting to change your world just a wee bit and bring a bit of happiness to someone else. If you need more info email me at t@happysoulproject.com


  1. Anonymous6.8.14

    I watch the Program on Cilyline, I am proud of you. I am a mother of a boy with Down Syndrome he is know 24, his name is DJ Dale JR I was sad at the birth when I found out he has Down Syndrome I ask God why me, Why not me DJ is a loving boy and a Blessing to me and I thank God for this loving boy. God Bless.

  2. Anonymous15.10.14

    i have bolts and bolts of fabric to donate but don't know how to contact your organization. can someone help me

    1. Yes please we need it....You can email me at t@happysoulproject.com - THANK YOU