Today I'm thankful for a partner who buys ice cream when he knows I've had one-hell-of-a-day... 

Yesterday, we waited over-an-hour to see one of Pip's specialist & the entire time, she was an absolute gem. Playing doctor, watching videos, dancing & even colouring with another kid for a bit. But, the moment the doctor came in, she went absolutely bananas. I mean, angrily signing & yelling, while somehow finding the most awkward way to drape herself all over me like a limp doll. She was just past her point. 

And I get it. Trust me, I do. 

Cause when the doctor said, "She'll have to get surgery within the year" in regards to something we weren't expecting, I kinda went absolutely bananas myself. 

In a few weeks, Pip has major eye surgery & we were just gearing up for all that it entails. The long recovery process, the emotional & mental stress it so kindly brings & the fact that it will be her 11th time getting put out. She's only bloody FOUR... 

Coming off the scary week we just had, her being dangerously low & fighting a virus with #T1D, was not the best time to hear she needs a surgery that will put her wee-little-legs in casts for 6 weeks. 

Sometimes, I seriously don't understand how God-the-Universe-Whomever, thinks that one child can handle all that she has. 

We are a little bruised, but we will fight on...


Instead of saying anything, I did nothing...

Today I'm thankful she teaches me to always be kind to others, even if I'm in a right-snarly-mood & want to teach someone a lesson. Yesterday, we had one of Pip's what-feels-like-bazillionth specialist's appointments & as much as I wanted to school this little old lady, I let my daughter do it instead. 

In a waiting room, no matter what, Pip always draws attention. Mostly, people smile or engage in small talk which lights her up. But every once in awhile, I get "that look" when they realize Pip has Down syndrome.

It's a look that I instantly pick up on now & if I let it, it has the power to make me want to cry-yell-shake-and-scream. It's a look of sheer pity with a sympathy smile added on top. It's a look that truly makes me cringe & want to get on a soap box to preach my daughter's worth. 

But this time, instead of saying anything, I did nothing. 

I let the little old lady watch as Pip and I giggled up a storm. I let the little old lady watch as Pip said hi to any & everyone who entered the room. I let the little old lady watch as Pip helped a baby when he fell & held the hand of a nurse she adores. I let the little old lady watch as Pip asked for music & then danced in her chair, making everyone instantly smile. And I let the little old lady watch as my daughter signed & said, "Love you Mom" over & over. 

And then when they called our name to be finally seen, I took off the imaginary sign, I felt like I was wearing around my neck that read, "DO NOT PITY MY LIFE" & turned to the little old lady with the biggest-smile-showing-my-upper-gum, proudly grabbed my daughter's hand & walked away...