So my daughter is a kleptomaniac & a sneaky one to boot...

Driving home from the Dentist before we battled 3 other appointments later in the day, I grabbed my purse, sitting peacefully on the passenger's seat beside me with hopes to grab some moula to pay for a coffee.  

Instead when I reached inside, the entire contents were swimming in sticky, warm, emergency-low-sugar-source apple juice. My 3 year old had apparently snatched one of the Dentist's pokey tool things & plopped it into my purse, in turn, popping the juice box and creating this delightful hell-of-a-mess that I totally had time for on a day like yesterday...

That to most, would be enough to call 'er a day. 

But instead I got swept up in a Déjà vu so unbelievably similar to last year, and the year before, and by the looks of it every year moving forward. 

Pip has to have surgery AGAIN. 

Tubes, Adenoids & Tonsils this time. And I know a ba-zillion kids get this & all will be fine. But it's not the same. It's not fine. It's just not. 

9 times already I've had to dress her in one of those awful hospital gowns. 9 times I've had to hold her begging God that it's not the last time. 9 times I've had to sing her to sleep in an operating room. 9 times I've nervously sat and shoved Snickers down my hatch in a waiting room. 9 times I've never been more grateful in my life when she's back in my arms in recovery. 

This will be her 10th surgery. 10!!!! She's 3 years old. My kid can't catch a freaking break for anything. My kid has more complications and it's starting to feel like she has something "wrong" on pretty much every piece of her little body. My kid not only has to now deal with the pain & healing side of an extremely sore throat after the surgery, she has to survive it all by still maintaining blood sugar levels and Type 1 Diabetes & stick to a Celiac compliant diet. 

I'm starting to get real mad. I mean, seriously. It's pretty unbelievable that one child, that one family, that one momma can deal with so, so, so much. It's like the universe wants me to break. And I don't have the slightest idea as to why... 

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All I know is that yet again, I'm calling on #PipsArmy, I'm crying in the pantry, I'm stocking up my Snickers and I'm refusing to sink. 

#feckoffuniverse #seriouslyfeckoff