This house feels different.

Last year when I was 7mths pregnant, we sold our house & had to be out in 20 days - On top of that madness, the house we had an offer on didn't work out. So scrambling to find something we ended up renting a fan-freaking-tastic house, designed by a momma who not only put a shoe closet in a mudroom off the garage but thought to build a secret passageway between the kids rooms. 

*Pip pissed cause she wanted to sit by Theo*

Today I got to use permanent marker to add my 3 kids heights to a door frame, because today that house is now officially ours...

This house just feels different, because this house is the one that will hold all the memories we'll make as us - As our hometeam...All my babies will grow up here, Noal started school here, Theo was born here & Pip couldn't love it here more if she tried. 

This house is the one, that will hold all the stories that we'll remember later in our lives. This house is the one, that will get to feel all our laughter, shake because we dance way too damn much & see us in the ups & down & challenges of life.

This house is different & it is now ours. Y'all ready to see me get my inner-wanna-be-think-I'am-an-interior-designer on?