I started Happy Soul Project, simply as a way to tell the world my daughter had Down syndrome. What I thought would be an outlet of sorts for me and a space I thought my mom & girlfriends would read has instead turned into my purpose.

A purpose that I'm so passionate about, but still so surprised by. 

I still always assume that Happy Soul Project only reaches those on a similar journey to mine. So, when I hear that its influenced in any way, others on a different path, I'm taken aback. When a little girl in elementary school decides to write her speech on Pip & Down syndrome, when a family decides to adopt a child with special needs because of videos of Pip or when a group of over 100 Queen's University students "vote to choose a charity to fundraise for, & The Happy Soul Project wins by a landslide" - I'm seriously beyond humbled. 

I mean knowing people are out there believing in what you are trying to do, validating your ideas & helping make what you hope a reality, is such an unreal feeling. It's empowering really, it makes you believe in you and what you want to accomplish even more. 

For close to a year now, I've been working with the Vogue Charity Fashion Show & I've been amazed by the talent, creativity and time they've put into the show & fundraising efforts. And while raising $37,000 for Happy Soul Project Non-Profit Organization is RIDICULOUSLY, OUTRAGEOUSLY, AWESOME, it was hearing how passionate they were about the cause that moved me. 

The money is fantastic - I mean come on, I can't tell y'all how needed & appreciated it is. 
Through small donations & proceeds from my shirt & calendar sales, I've been able to send close to 5,000 Kick-It-Capes worldwide. But a few weeks ago our Non-Profit account held $68 - so with kids on our waiting list, material to be bought & capes to be mailed, this moula couldn't have come at a better time.

However, hearing about how working with Happy Soul Project has influenced students, hearing about how everyone on the crew was so in love with our work, hearing about how it spread positivity & inspired change - That's what I'm gonna walk away with ...

Well that & this gorgeous origami cape they made & this big fat cheque. Now let's get going on changing the world a wee bit more...