All I want for Christmas is Celiac Disease...Wait What?

Every single time Pip's doctor says, "We got the results back from her blood work", my heart skips a beat, I brace myself for the dreaded Leukemia news {heightened risk of developing with Down syndrome} & I breath out gratitude when it's something else...Her heart issues, Hypothyroidism & now today Celiac Disease

Now, don't get me wrong I'm not jumping up in down thanking Sweet Jesus by any means. First, I cry, I swear, I get angry, I get jealous and I get mad, real freaking mad. But then I hold my little girl tight and I try to breath out gratitude.

When the doctor told me, Pip will have to be put under general anesthetic to have a scope and biopsy done next week, I couldn't stop the tears. This will be the 9th time...

9 times I've had to dress her in one of those awful hospital gowns. 9 times I've had to hold her begging God that it's not the last time. 9 times I've had to sing her to sleep in an operating room. 9 times I've nervously sat and shoved Snickers down my hatch in a waiting room. 9 times I've never been more grateful in my life when she's back in my arms in recovery. 

I really let the whole "9-times-pity-party" have it's way with my emotions for awhile today, in between getting angry & swearing. Out loud, in my head, to God, to the minivan steering wheel as I punched it, to my husband, heck I think this time I even swore with the doctor. I just truly feel like me & my sweet girl can't ever catch a break. It's been one thing after the other with Pip medically and I can barely breath in between each new diagnosis. 

Pip has already been & is still going through so much - And now Celiac Disease, I mean this is life changing. It's not like it's just a pill or medication to take every morning, this is a complete life change and means more appointments, another specialist to add to her already full rolodex, working with a dietitian, increase blood work and sooooo many dietary changes.

So, now 2 days before Christmas, Pip will rock yet another hospital gown, I'll eat 7pds of chocolate and we'll do this yet again.

I think you have to choose to be thankful in life and even though I feel like grabbing Fate or God by the neck and screaming, "Enough, seriously enough already." I also want to grab Fate or God in a big-huge-momma-bear-hug and say, "Thank you. Thank you that it's not cancer & it's Celiac Disease."

We will learn to deal and in the meantime, please send Snickers my way.


  1. As a fellow celiac, I promise it gets easier. It becomes secondhand, and these days every grocery store and a lot of restaurants have great gf selections. Plus, unlike peanut allergies, you don't go into anaphylaxis when you eat gluten (this is what I tell myself in order to live through gluten poisoning episodes). There are a lot of gf kid foods - my kids often eat gf and don't notice a difference.
    Having all of this plus Christmas plus extra special needs is nuts, though, and you deserve all the snickers you can eat. Added bonus: they're gluten free! My snickers belt (aka muffin top) proves it.

  2. Julie S17.12.15

    Tara, Hang in there! Next time you and Pip are in Toronto, I invite both of you to join me for a visit to Bunner's Bakeshop in my neighbourhood, the Junction. It's a Vegan and Gluten free Bakeshop!

  3. Where do we send them?!?!?

  4. Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way!!

  5. Anonymous18.12.15

    been there done that, get your snickers. get the biopsy. start gluten free diet when you come home. Pip will change and life will be soooooooo much better. it will only take a few days to see results of GF diet. It has been five years GF for us and it made world of difference. and hey we got your back. prayers on the way

  6. I wish I could help, I wish could take away any pain you may be going through. When it come to our kids we wish the world best things and even if I can't send you snickers cause I don't know where you are. If I could I would send you so many That you would never need to get them your self again. I will put a special ornament on my tree this year to send special prayers and hope for a Christmas miracle that this will be the last thing she will have to suffer

  7. She has developed into quite the beautiful young lady - what a smile still. So very sorry to see yet another issue you have to hurdle. Wishing the hurdles get smaller while her legs get longer to overcome them so much easier. And where shall we mail those snickers.

  8. Pip is a blessing to all --she sure brightens my day. Seeing her smiling face in her photos just makes my heart happy. She's gonna be alright. I know I'll be saying an extra prayer tonight for her and your family

  9. Sending my thoughts and prayers. It has been a tough year for many of us. I hope 2016 brings only good news for you. Hugs and prayers being sent to you, Pip and tge family.