Any day now, I'm going to become a momma of three...This blows my mind in a sense. At 22, when I met my husband, I was the girl that had big dreams, was set on travelling the world & really wasn't even sure if I wanted children

Now, my world, my purpose, my heart is in these two, soon to be three tiny little humans that I pour my life into. Now, I find nothing more important than raising my hooligans to become people with big, generous hearts, joyful spirits and happy souls. Now, I find that nothing means more to me than our little family. 

Change...It's all around us, it's bound to happen & it is those in it that actually help change who we are. 

"he’ll change your world in beautiful and amazing ways.
he’ll show you how to love more deeply than you can imagine.
his smile will light up a room.
he’ll wrap his arms around your neck and and work his way into your heart.
he will run and laugh and love life.
you will know his soul and he will know your soul."

Lisa Leonard wrote those words about her son David after hearing from a doctor about his disability - This is a momma who gets what is important, who inspires others to change themselves and who loves with her whole heart. This is a momma who designed & made me something I will cherish forever. 

Around my neck & close to my heart, is the most beautiful necklace that has all 3 of my babies names...{Besides my husband, she is the only person on the planet who knows #3's name}. Wearing it reminds me of what my purpose is, what inspires me & truly what matters.  

I honestly love Lisa's stuff so much & I'm uber excited that someone else is gonna fall in love with a personalized piece too. We are doing a $75 Gift-Card Giveaway to a lucky winner who gets to pick out anything in Lisa's amazing jewelry line... 

Here’s how you enter to WIN:

1. Visit Lisa Leonard Designs and fall in love with something... 
2. Then either visit & like Lisa Leonard on Facebook or Instagram...
3. Leave a comment below on Happy Soul Project's Blog or Facebook Page about what has changed you the most about become a momma...

A winner will be randomly selected & announced on October 4th, 2015.