Shake Away....

My Sweet Pip...
Two years ago when you came into this world, according to the doctor you were what they call a "typical" delivery...But baby girl, let me tell you something, you are anything but typical...

You are changing the world. Plain & simple. Changing it. 

In two years, your little life has shined and what you have accomplished is unbelievable...The lives you've touched, the people you've helped, the perspectives you've changed - Not a lot of people can say they've done that in a life time, let alone two years..

So, you my darling are anything but typical...

And I can honestly say, I'm so very glad...Two years ago that wasn't the case. Two years ago when we found out you had Down syndrome, Congenital Cataracts & a Congenital Heart Defect, I would have done or given anything for a typical baby girl...I was so scared of what "different" would mean.

So while I'm extremely proud of the fact that you are changing other people, it's me, your own momma, who needed changing the most. It's me who needed a change in perspective and it's you, who has done that. 

Pip, I would not want you any other way, you are who you are and I fiercely love you because of it. You teach us that different is beautiful, challenges can be overcome, hard work leads to greater rewards, giggling is good for your soul and life is better when you learn to smile, really truly smile where it starts in your toes...

Before you were born when I was creating your room, I made you a little painting that read, "Life is beautiful because you are here"...That little painting means so much to me, as it is a sign that something greater has it's hand in all of this. When I was consumed with fear, anger and sadness the first few days of your life - I walked into your room, saw that sign and fell to my knees. The message was loud and clear from Fate-God-Whomever, you were chosen to be mine and my life, our lives, would be more beautiful because of it. And my sweet, sweet girl it is indeed...Way more so than I could have ever imagined.

You were meant to be in our family Reid Layne - You were meant to be our daughter, You were meant to be Noal's sister - You were meant to be our Pip - You were meant to take a hold of the world and shake it...

So don't be like the rest of them darling...Ever.

Shake away,


P.S - Last year, I went all Pinterest crazy and did up a Fancy Tea Party for you - I honestly felt that we needed to celebrate after the year we had...This year I kept er sweet & simple - Literally planned it the day before, gave everyone Starbucks Cakepops and let you play at an indoor playground - This year I felt different in the sense that I've learn to celebrate you all the time. And you are at that insane toddler stage where you will touch-break-destroy any & everything - So germ-infested playground it was...


  1. So well said, Tara! Pip is one of the most beautiful people I have ever seen. And so is her Mum. Happy Birthday to All of you... a day to be celebrated, to be sure.
    All the best,
    Kimberly and Mia

  2. This is a beautiful post. Happy birthday to Pip! Thank you for sharing with all of us the joy she brings! I shared this post and this is what I wrote with my share:
    "When I was pregnant with Ella, one of Wally's friends asked if we were doing aminocentesis testing. When he replied that we were not because there was no reason for us to, the friend argued that we didn't deserve to have a child with Down's Syndrome.
    He was right. We don't deserve the joy and beauty that a child like Pip brings. We also don't deserve the joy and beauty that we were blessed with in Ella and John. Thank God we don't get what we deserve. We are blessed with so much better than we deserve. This girl Pip is such a fun little girl, destined for greatness. I'm so happy she's a part of this world.

    1. Love this Beth...My thoughts exactly momma!!!! Thank you for sharing...

  3. Anonymous16.12.14

    I too have a special beautiful daughter who turned 18 this year. Life does bring it's challenges but it also brings great joy. Enjoy every moment with your beautiful Pip.

  4. So beautiful mama!!!! Pop is accomplishing so SOOOO much because she has you behind her, supporting her, and spreading her light. Wonderful!!!!!