In my hands I hold a simple leather book full of blank pages, yet it feels so powerfully important. It feels in a way like I'm holding hope in my hands and I can feel the influence of change in each page. It's a simple idea that ideally will inspire or help others. I have in my hands something I desperately wish I had when Pip was born...

A jumble of words, letters of love all sealed with the tears and hearts of mommas lucky enough to see the beauty in having a child with Down syndrome. It's a diary of sorts, that is crossing around the world, started by Happy Soul Project's First Choir Member, Benny's mom and my friend Jamie...

This diary is passing from momma to momma, country to country, journey to journey, all with the idea that by us sharing a bit of our experiences, it will somehow bring hope to a new momma chosen to follow in a path like ours.

No pressure right?

I'm supposed to be starting this diary and I've had it for weeks, months, {sorry about that gang} and everyday it sits there yearning to be written in but it took until now for me to find the right words. 

Which is unusual considering I write about this all the time - Heck lately I live and breath it...But for some reason knowing how very much it could touch another momma's life and start her path much brighter than mine, it seemed to take awhile to capture in my heart what I wanted out in words. 

I was at loss to be honest, sitting down staring at the blank pages, pen in hand pondering what I can possibly say that would "help" a new momma. I tried to remember exactly what I was feeling when I was given the news that Pip had Down syndrome and how shattered I felt thinking of our life ahead.

But the thing is, I found it extremely hard to go there - To remember that grief and devastation even though it was only 20 months ago. I just couldn't get in that head space because I feel so utterly different now. 

So, I guess I just share what I know...Pip 

In each word I wrote in the diary, I'm hoping it brings with it some happiness, some joy & some wee bit of inspiration because that's truly what Pip has brought to me. 

If you want more information about the Down syndrome Diary or how to be involved email Jamie at - I'm so very honoured to be a part of this powerful project and looking forward to see and read everyone else's journey...