Happy Soul Project's First Award!!!!!

As mentioned before dealing with everything in Reid's life the past few months has been challenging to say the least...But, the Down syndrome support out there is just unreal...The amount of mums who have reached out to me regarding Pip's surgeries & shared their stories helped me in ways no other avenue could have- That in part is why I share Pip's story...Hoping that a new mum who just found out her little baby has Down syndrome can find some hope in our journey...

It's amazing what 5 short months can do to one's perspective- When I first found out Reid had Down syndrome I was drowning in anger, fear, pity & the unknown- Oh how I wish the me today, could have talked to the me then- Amazing what time, knowledge, support & just pure-straight-up-fierce love can do to someone & their perspectives in life.

Before we found out the severity of Reid's eyes & heart, when Down syndrome was the only "challenge" we knew we were facing- Strangers sent us a beautiful book that was simply black & white photographs of babies, children & adults with Down syndrome...{The book was I'm Down With You, An Inspired Journey by Jagatjoti Khalsa- You can find a short video about the book HERE}

Credit: http://www.mrsikhnet.com/2010/02/11/im-down-with-you/

Those strangers have now become friends & they'll never know how touching that act of reaching out helped in such a dark time...When we received that beautiful book it was like at that exact moment in time I needed to see it, to fully realize & understand that part of Reid...

And since, minus the days Pip's heart/eye problems have consumed me, I have been trying to learn as much as I can about Down syndrome, reaching out to other mummas & get involved in my local Down syndrome group & online....

Now about the online community- From support groups, to websites to the Down syndrome blogger community-I'm honestly blown away- What a supportive, encouraging, positive network out there...Y'all are amazing & I can't thank you enough for sharing your thoughts, stories, challenges & opening your world for us all to learn from...I am so happy to now be a part of that community & so very honoured to be awarded my first "Messy" Award...A fellow Down syndrome mumma & blogger at Thoroughly Modern Messy explains on her blog what the awards are about:

 "Despite the title, the awards have nothing to do with being a mess,
or otherwise crazy like yours truly. This is simply a directory of some
of my favorite writing about disability, usually Down syndrome in particular.
 Listed here, in no particular order, is writing that sang, that resonated long after
I read it. Though I have shared many of these on my Thoroughly Modern Messy
 fan page on Facebook over time, I want to make sure that everyone knows about these
wonderful, insightful writers who have made my days more interesting and my life richer."

The awards then go on to honour numerous different categories & celebrate the uniqueness of various blogs & writers...

Happy Soul Project's Award was described as:

MOST LOVING STORY ABOUT FINDING OUT YOUR CHILD HAS DOWN SYNDROME: I know there are many versions of this too – the “When did you first find out” story; this is a recent favorite. Like many of the families I know (ours included), Tara McCallan of The Happy Soul Project was given a diagnosis of Down syndrome after her daughter was born. She has a buoyant spirit that shows in her writing. Lovely pictures too.

It then links to maybe my most raw moment & experience in my life- A blog I had the most difficultly writing but now cherish because of its honesty - Life is beautiful because Reid Layne is here....

To check out all the fabulous blogs & different awards visit Thoroughly Modern Messy...And a big, grateful THANK YOU for acknowledging that moment in my life & hopefully sharing it with someone who needs to read just that...Amazing...

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