If you knocked again I'd say yes...Always...

 Ten years ago today I opened my front door to find Craig standing there with a single rose, his goofy, adorable grin, smiling at me in a cocky manner because he knew what my answer would be...Yes...

Months before my girl Muls & I were at a University bar & I remember clear as day asking her Sweet Jesus, who is that white boy dancing- Its true my Craig could move out there...Now, I laugh when he dances but back in the day he was damn hot out there...Were going to be those parents when Noal & Pip ask about how we met, who then laugh hysterically at the thought of their dad picking up their mum based on his dance moves...But trust me my guy use to attract crowds...Most girls swarmed around him, our guy friends encouraged him & I knew I wanted him...Fast forward a few weeks & he was mine...Although he asked me to be his girl, drunk at a bar, I clearly told him to spruce it up & try asking again properly...And that brings us to 10 years ago at my front door...

I cant believe a decade has gone by...I knew right away with Craig that he was special...He has the kindest heart around, is loyal to a fault, is witty, chatty & makes me laugh more than anyone else in the world...I am beyond lucky to have found him & this kind of love...I would have been happy just being this wonderful boys friend but I get to be his partner & I am so grateful because my world is, what it is, because of him...I would go anywhere for him {Hello Cobalt, how are ya?}, do anything to make him smile {ask him about my new sweet mum dance moves} & truly believe he is the greatest guy out there...I am so bloody proud of the man he has become & all that he has accomplished in life...You've come a long way Parmesano's waiter...

Years ago when we were living in Dublin we took a trip to Portugal...SideNote: Amazing, beautiful country- more stories to follow & in the running for our retirement home}...Anyways,we were by a pool & this little tiny tank of a child {same body type as Noal} was cruising around & both Craig & I were in awe by how much the little boy resembled him...In that moment, I knew I wanted to have children with this beautiful man & thankfully have been blessed with these two Happy Souls...
Seeing Craig with Noal & Pip is something else- Hes playful, creative, kind, could work on his patience a bit but most importantly HAPPY...He has been the greatest lesson yet for me in having a Happy Soul- through ups & downs, worries & fears, he has always been my strength, my support & has had a Happy Soul...Thank you Craig for all that you teach me & the example you are to our hooligans...

All that being said- its obvious I pour my heart out into this blog & the people I love...So, when I told Craig about my idea for Letters for Pip being from other people, not just me like Noals, he agreed it would be something in time Pip would love...However, Craig loves fiercely but more privately than I do & although he would probably write Reid many letters in her life to put one out there publically wasnt ideal for him...I respected that & thought nothing of it & then I got this beautiful letter a few days ago...Pip& I are lucky gals to have such a beautiful man in our lives- And Noal is lucky to have such an amazing example growing up...
We love you Choo...You're still my favourite thing in the world & if I had to open the door again I would say yes...Always...

~Craig's Beautiful Letter to His Baby Girl~

To My daughter,
I must start this with an apology – When it comes to my family and the feelings and emotions that I have towards them my instinct has been one of privacy.  When your Mom shared with me this idea I backed away from making my private thoughts and wishes for you public ones.  I have come to learn that although this is a creative outlet for her, it comes from a place of pure love and is something only she could do.  This love for her children, in my mind, has not only inspired but has challenged people to look at their own family in a different way.  I love how brave she is – you will undoubtedly get that trait from her.
As you will find out I can be stubborn at times, but after some careful reflection this truly is something special.  I feel as though I need to be a part of it.  So I am sorry for being late to the dance, but when you dance as well as I do you can afford to let punctuality slide – you can ask your mother about that.
I think I have always been one of those guys who thought they had a good handle on life and the lessons it can teach you.  I carried on this way until the day your mother told me your brother was on his way.  For me it was a sobering moment that exposed me to an uncertainty mixed with pride and happiness.  My insecurities went from an ultimate high when I first held him back to normal within a month or two – that’s right it didn’t take me very long to think I knew it all….Again. 
When I found out that you were on the way, a day I like to call Shock n Awe, I found myself composed and calm.  It was nothing I hadn’t been through before….piece of cake right?
When we brought your brother home I remember my mind racing about all the things I would teach him over the course of his life.  When you came home with us the only thought that I can remember was thinking about all the things you would teach me.  This is a theme that has continued and something that I look forward to daily.  I can’t wait to see your interpretation of our world as you grow, I am sure it will continually change the way I think about things – as much if not more than you being in my life already has.
You will probably hear a lot of words like benchmark, spectrum, and milestone but I want you to keep this one thought close to you.  You will never care about where you are unless you remember how you got there.  Struggle, determination, and resilience build character and you, sweet thing, are full of just that.  I will always be right beside you to hold your hand or give you a boost in the event that you need it….but I know you’ll do just fine.
As you can tell by these letters your mother is a pretty special person – you will hear no different from me…..well maybe once in a while…usually when she is smothering everyone with “We should take a picture”.  She is easily the most beautiful person I know, this blog is only a small window into the size of her heart and just look at how many people she has touched.  The three of us are lucky to have her and she will be your biggest cheerleader throughout life.  If you get just half of her smile you will be one amazing lady.
I look forward to our journey……
I love you,


  1. Anonymous14.2.13

    This letter is one of the sweetest things I've ever read!! A fathers love for his daughter is like no other!! Reid, you are one lucky lady!!
    Love Aunty Focks...... (aka Nicole)

  2. Melisa14.2.13

    You two were meant for eachother and to have these two hooligans. It's crazy to look back at once was, and now to think about what truly matters in life. Craig ~ your letter is in a word, beautiful. May not b the word you are thinking of, but I'm sure I will speak for many when I say "thanks". It can't be easy to open up like that, being the man you are. Thanks for allowing us to read your heart. Your family is one lucky family. I don't know many men who could handle T the way you do, and give her the credit she truly deserves for beig her. Reid will surely teach you plenty, but there is no mistaking that daddy will contribute to the woman she will become, she'll move mountains..... And damn she'll be a chatty little one ;)

  3. that is such a beautiful letter! you two really are so lucky to have found each other and your little family is truly blessed <3

  4. Nancy18.2.13

    My goodness, I am sitting here with tears pouring down my face...Alysia at work passed along the link for your blog last week, saying she thought I would enjoy reading it...
    Knowing you both, though really only as a "co-worker" and his wife, I marvel at what you are doing with your lives and how you are using the gifts that god/universe has brought you to enrich your world and the world of those around you. I feel deeply impacted by your lives/stories and am a better person for having met you both. Craig, you taught me much on the work front, but I am much more deeply impacted by your words on the personal front...I wish you and Tara, the best that life can bring, and I know that with this "attitude of gratitude" you, and your two sweet children, will be forever blessed. Wow, I am just so "blown away", by your maturity and insight...Life is never easy, but you are finding a way to shine amidst difficulties and challenges...it is so wonderful to see. I am blessed. :-)

  5. Anonymous20.2.13

    Cally..... Wow. That was beautiful and I could hear love oozing in every paragraph. You and T are perfect for eachother, score 1 point for Windsor :)
    Noal and Reid don't know it yet but they are already ahead of the game. The love, support and life lessons you two have to share with your amazing babies is plentiful and invaluable.
    Very proud of you for opening your heart here... You're an amazing guy and have a remarkable wife.
    Love you guys
    Pone xo

  6. Craig, it has been years. I am so proud of you and your family. I am proud to say I know you. Cobalters stick together. Your family is beautiful and I wish you nothing but happiness. xo Coop. Tara you are an amazing mother, though I have never met you I can see this in all you do.