While my daughter Pip happens to have Down syndrome, Happy Soul Project is not necessarily just about that. Yes, in my own way it's about bringing awareness to it and hoping to change perspectives and such. But it truly is about celebrating differences whatever they may be...Pip's just happens to be Down syndrome...

That being said I am only one voice and while it truly amazes me that anyone has been helped in anyway by my words, having some backup singers would be kinda cool. 

So in opening up Happy Soul Project to other voices - it will be just that- A beautiful choir of stories that all sing the same song of celebrating the beauty in differences...Whether that's Down syndrome or not...

Here you will find stories about pre-natal & post birth Down syndrome diagnosis, rare-skin conditions, a sister's perspective, cancer survivor thoughts and more...All stories told from the heart, in an honest way in hopes to sing Happy Soul Project's song that there is beauty in differences...

Pre-Natal Down syndrome Diagnosis 
Post Natal Down syndrome Diagnosis
Cancer Survivor Thoughts
Sister's Perspective
Thoughts from a Momma who's walked the path for 20 years
Rare Skin Condition  

~Always open to new ideas~
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