It’s wild to me that I just shared over at Omnipod Canada, that in navigating life with T1D, preparedness is essential!

Like, we can't even leave the house for a walk around the block, without bringing supplies to keep Pip safe. Her blood sugar can drop & rise very quickly.
And while 5 years now into this Type-One-Diabetes journey, I still feel anything but prepared.
Sure, grabbing her essentials and always making sure her Dexcom & Omnipod are around, have become second nature now.
I mean at this point, they are just a part of her & wherever she goes, they go.

But, I'm talking about how I will never be prepared for things like:
- Hearing my little girl is in DKA again, which is a serious condition that can lead to diabetic coma or even death.
-Having to wake up to an alarm in the middle of the night to treat a low or administer an emergency glucagon shot, I was trained on years ago and have only had to thankfully use once.
-Meeting up with her Endocrinologist & analyzing data all while holding my breath to hear what her A1C comes in at.
An A1C is a blood test that measures your average blood sugar levels over the past 3 months.
And in the T1D world or if you’re in my shoes & stepping in to control and become someone’s pancreas, like I am to Pip’s.
This test feels exactly that.
A grade.
A judgment on how you did the past few months.
And soooo many things regardless of how you prepare can alter someone’s blood sugar.
And just that, blood sugar.
Nothing can prepare you for the wild ride, ups & downs and lows & highs that come with this disease.
For example, Pip could wake up with the same blood sugar, have the exact same breakfast she did the day before, with the same amount of carbs, be dosed insulin accurately, yet how she slept, how she feels emotionally or if her pump was changed and in a different spot, all play into it.
And in turn all affect her blood sugar.
So, while I can share tips that have helped along the way.
One thing I know for sure, is I will never be prepared for the ride T1D is.
Like EVER!!!