My kids started school today. 
One in his bedroom. 
One in his closet.  
And one in my office for about 30 minutes before she want to dance, bake, do yoga & TikTok. 

Two years ago when my youngest started JK. 
After not having much time to myself. 
I thought, "This is it. This is gonna be the year, I'm going to get so much done."
Push my non-profit into high gear. 
Write that damn book that's been in my heart & head for years. 
Shoot maybe even take care of myself and take a yoga class or something. 

But, then it was the year of teachers striking, snow days galore & the introduction of our new lives because of this seemingly never-ending pandemic. 
So, today instead of wearing new backpacks, getting excited to see old friends, unpacking lunches & learning like they use to. 
They are gearing up for another year of remote learning. 

And I realize soooo many are feeling a flood of emotions at the start of school.
Those that are heading back.
Those still unsure. 
Those that don't have an option.
And those like us who need to remain bubbled if they can. 

It normally holds such a mix of excitement and worry. 
But in these times were living now, it's almost too much. 
Because on top of it all, it's a constant battle of wondering if you're making the right decision. 

Here's the thing though. 
There is no RIGHT or WRONG approach. 
Because EVERY SINGLE SITUATION is different. 
Every family. 
Every location. 
Every school. 
Every option. 

And if today, like me, you are second guessing yourself. 
Seeing all the other kids in the neighbourhood get on school buses & feeling like your kids are just so left out. 

Know that surprising them with pizza for lunch helps. 
Dance parties are needed. 
Extra bedtime snuggles to talk it all out is good for both of you. 
And no matter what, make the most of it. 
Whatever your situation may be.
Because like most things and decisions in life.
You never really know if your choices were correct. 
They just have to be lived regardless...