Imagine if you can, having a child, where every single doctor’s appointment you’re holding your breath.

Because you’re either getting news about another surgery needed, or sucker punched with a new diagnosis.

The first few years of my daughter’s life, this was our reality.

Now imagine after 20+ operations and more disabilities combined than most, feeling for a week or two like something else was up with your child.

 Imagine thinking because of their excessive thirst you just assumed something was off with their thyroid medicine. Believing your appointment would simply be a discussion to change dosages and maybe if they really had to, do some more dreaded blood work.

 Then imagine seeing the look your child's doctor has given you time and time again when bad news arises.

Imagine if you can, having the doctor put her arm around you and explain that your child now also has Type 1 Diabetes (T1D). Imagine losing it, dropping your head in defeat, feeling the weight of her words and heaviness of everything you already carry. Imagine trying to reign in your emotions but can't stop crying, being almost in hysterics because you feel this must be a joke, there is no way one child can have so many things in play. Imagine nurses who have known your child since she was born, coming over to hug you, but with each embrace realizing how serious this must be.

 Imagine learning to work an insulin pen, how to poke your child's finger to do blood sugar tests and get up the nerve to actually give your child insulin shots. Imagine being deathly afraid of needles yourself, to the point where you used to pass out more times than not when around them. 

 Imagine having to know what to do if your child becomes unconscious because their sugar levels are too low, or having to work out a diet that is diabetes and celiac compatible. 

 Imagine being so scared of yet another thing that could potentially threaten to take your child away. 

 And feeling so utterly overwhelmed and never being able to catch your breath, finally getting use to one diagnosis, disease or disability only to receive another.  

 Imagine just two weeks later, sending your child to Kindergarten. Remembering what it felt like to send your first child to school, the heartache of letting go but also the excitement and joy. Imagine instead being already panicked before her T1D diagnosis and now urgently working with the school on her medical care plan. In absolute overdrive to ensure her safety with a disease you are still trying to wrap your own head around, even though you live it 24/7.

When my daughter Pip was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at just three years old it almost buckled me.

This disease is unlike anything else. It’s a 24/7, no breaks, every decision matters kinda thing.

And we were struggling with her care, especially at school with MDI (multiply daily injections).

 But, now imagine having a device that makes everything, like insulin injections, so much easier.

That makes you feel more in control.

That doesn’t get in the way with tubes, igniting her sensory issues.

And gives you more flexibility and freedom, as you navigate through the ups and downs of this journey with T1D.

That’s what Omnipod® has done for us.

And that is why we want to be National Podvocates.


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