I'm 40 today.

Seems like it should be a big deal. 
In my head it always felt like 40 would.
And feeling all the love, is truly making it so.
But in a way, it doesn't feel like I thought it was going to.
I am sooooo emotional. 
I opened up a package from my best friend this morning & lost it.

And all I feel is absolute gratitude. 
That I'm here. 
That I've made it thus far in life. 
And that I get the privilege of growing old. 
So, I thought I'd share:

  1. Like yourself. Be the type of person you'd would want to be around.
  2. Let others be themselves - Especially your children.
  3. Kiss your babies, no matter how big they are, every night and as much as you can. Even though by bedtime they are driving you mad, snug them, love them, just be with them.
  4. Say thank you. It means a lot to people & you should appreciate what others do. Even if that is passing you a coffee in a drive-thru window. Thank people always.
  5. Cherish those you love. Maintain friendships that are important, call your parents, love your siblings.
  6. In that same breath, let go of relationships that have expired.
  7. Have an open mind to ALL things. Trust me, life is so much more interesting that way.
  8. Be silly - If riding the grocery cart like a skateboard to your van makes your kids giggle, who cares what the woman parked next to you thinks.
  9. Try. Whatever it may be. You only have one life to give it a go.
  10. Give yourself grace to grieve when needed. 
  11. Realize your body, those wrinkles, grey hairs or too-many-years-to-count have past baby ponch is all a part of you now. It's not going away so learn to embrace every wrinkle as a laugh line, dress to fit your body so that you feel good & own the new you.
  12. Celebrate the differences within yourself and in others. 
  13. Be interested in people. Really interested - Barbara Walter's the crap outta them, because everyone has a story to share.
  14. Apologize if you need to. 
  15. Let loose, however that hits. For moi, I'll be toasting myself today with a bottle of Champagne.  
  16. Celebrate the little things. For they are indeed what end up being the big things. 
  17. Realize life is never going to be what you pictured it & that's a good thing, a really good thing.
  18. Get angry, mad, sad or whatever at God/Fate/Karma or Whomever. Shout if you have to, cry if it helps. It's okay to work through things before moving on. Even if that means shedding a tear or two hiding from your children in the pantry. 
  19. Help others. Do things for other people. Try to be the change the world needs in simple ways.
  20. Eat dessert...ALWAYS!
  21. Be genuine and real.
  22. Believe. Whether that's in God, Miracles, People, the goodness & hope that's out there - Whatever it may be just believe in something greater than yourself.
  23. Trust your momma gut when it comes to your babes. From how you parent them to how you fight for them.
  24. Live in the mentality of never judging someone else. Literally. Who cares what other people do, who they love, what they believe, etc? Focus on living your life and that alone.
  25. Find your purpose. It's life changing when you do.
  26. Love your Home Team more than anything else on the planet. 
  27. Realize life can change instantly - and everything is temporary. 
  28. Fight for something, stand up for what you believe in, advocate for people who need it or join others in a cause that's dear to your heart.
  29. Work hard at whatever you are working at.
  30. Let go sometimes and just be.
  31. Laugh...Laugh...Laugh...At yourself, others, anyway & anytime you can.
  32. Dream Big. Why not? Strive for things outta reach. For me writing a book WILL happen one day!!!
  33. Ask for help when you need it. I know it's hard, trust me, but let others use their time & talents to help you.
  34. Dance. At least once a day, in the van driving with your kids, in the kitchen slow dancing with your husband, or have a little sway by yourself while you make dinner. Music is good for your soul.
  35. Be honest. With others & with yourself.
  36. Do things that you normally wouldn't or that make you uncomfortable - Live abroad, join a new group, do something creative. Sometimes the very best of things come when painting outside the lines.
  37.  Get lost in daydreams or a book or a good Netflix series. Escape is sometimes needed. 
  38. Refuse to sink no matter what tries to drown you.
  39. Be kind always - In every situation you can. 
  40. And finally think of one thing every single day to be grateful for.