Lately I feel like I've lost my way in soooo many areas:

- As someone trying to run a non-profit during a freaking pandemic.
I mean, I hate asking for money on a normal day, add this wild-twist-to-life and people barely know I run one.

- As someone who vowed this was my year, turning 40 to get serious about my health.  Put it this way, Amazon had the audacity to deliver just a Toble​rone the size of a​ newborn baby, on a freaking SUNDAY and my husband caught me trying to hide it in a hall closet.


- I've also lost my way as someone who wants to stay connected with friends, but sucks at it & is over zoom or whatever else.

- ​And I’ve completely lost it as mom to 3 busy kids, one needing to be in a bubble & keeping up with their Remote Learning.

I constantly feel like I’m dropping the ball somewhere and that life right now, is in such a limbo state.
None of it makes sense.
For example;
This kid right here.
My mini-me in sooo many ways.

Every year as his personality becomes more and more like mine, it’s actually freaky to watch.
I remember once when he was a baby, I walked into a coffee shop with him in my arms.
And a man held the door for me, smiled & said, "Well no one will ever not know that baby is yours. You two are gonna have the same face."
And slowly but surely he was right.
Last week Noal's face could open my phone.

Anywhoo, this kid.
Struggles a wee bit in normal school.
And he was my main concern when we decided to keep everyone home for Pip.
But, Sweet Jesus he's KICKING ASS.
Literally, getting student of the week all the ding-dang-time.
He of course, has had his moments.
Missing friends & hating this terrible pandemic.
But, he's remained happy & goofy & is digging this set up enough.
Even though I never would have thought it.
And in this weird judgy-covid-world right now, I didn't post about it because it made me feel kinda bad.

In a weird way, that my kid is doing so great.
When, I see & read about other kids struggling so hard with this type of learning.
Heck, I get it, Pip besides "Oh' Canada", has pretty much called it a day.

So, in turn I kinda even feel lost as a writer in sharing lately because of all this.

Don’t even know if that all makes sense.

But, that’s my heart lately...