It's only two days into "Christmas Break" and I already miss the kids online teachers.
In sitting down to write out a Christmas cards for them, I got a bit misty. 
What a year so far.
Way to pivot & still connect. 
Because even across the remote learning setup.
Moments were had.
That meant a lot, to my children.

For example. 
Those that have known us awhile. 
Will remember back in the day. 
When Pip was just real little & wearing glasses. 
She would let me do her hair. 
Heck, she rocked pigtails for years. 
She quickly got outta headbands and any type of clip. 
But, for awhile I could get awhile with braids or tying her hair up for school. 

Then, sensory wise, things heightened for her. 
She didn't even like having elastics in her hair. 
Hats were quickly thrown off. 
And glasses are a struggle to keep on at all. 
Then when she cut her own damn bangs. 
The long hair had to go. 
Now, blame the pandemic or me inwardly wanting to be a hairdresser. 
But, her hair keeps getting shorter & shorter & she's become twinsies to Lard Farquaad. 
And while she absolutely loves & rocks this bob, she never lets me do anything to it. 

But, all of a sudden after she turned eight. 
We all kinda felt this shift. 
Like she's a "BIG GIRL" now. 
You can feel it in her, about certain things. 
Like, the other day, she got to see one of her favourite nurses for bloodwork. 
And outta nowhere before we go, she blurts out with. 
"Mom do my hair half up & half down". 
Mmmm K. 
You got it kid. 
And the little bugger kept it in, the entire appointment. 
Au Revoir, as soon as we were back in the parking garage.
But, still. 
I was kinda stunned. 
It's been ages since she's even kept an elastic in. 

And then days later, right before class started.
She asked me, to put two ponies in her hair. 
Done & done. 

Immediately, within login, when the class is free to say, "Good morning". 
The teacher told Pip she liked how she had her hair.
To which Pip replied, "Like two antlers" as she beamed up at me.  
Somehow proud of this accomplishment. 
Obviously feeling from me, how incredibly cool it is. 
If we could move forward a little, in this area. 

Anyways, I'm sure her teacher will never know. 
How noticing the details, could mean so much. 
At lunchtime, Pip told her brothers numerous times, 
"My teacher, loved my hair up, right Mom?" 
To which I'd cheerlead the crap-outta-it-up. 
That boost from someone important to her. 
Like a beloved teacher. 
Was exactly what she needed. 
In that exact moment. 
If she had waited, Pip easily would have ripped those out. 
I swear to God, sometimes, teachers just know. 
I'm in awe of what they do. 
And have done, during all of this.