Today I'm thankful in a weird way, that there were harder times.
I have to remind myself of that.
On days like today.
When I cry in my pantry at one thing-after-another with Pip's T1D.
When I have to go to the school numerous times, because the devices to keep her alive malfunction.
When I spend hours on the phone with tech support trying to fix things, only to have them continually not work.
When I can't see her BG & have to poke her way too many times than anyone should be poked in a day, shoot a month, heck even a year.
And when I yell at my husband for no real reason, make my 4-yr-old feel bad for peeing in his snowpants & instead of reading a chapter book with my big kid at bedtime, I let him play mini-sticks loudly in his room, hoping he doesn't wake up the others.
Because, well I'm annoyed-exhausted-frustrated & feeling overwhelmed, I have to remember, I got this.
We got this.
We've been through soooo much more.
Shoot this pic alone, was Pip in DKA days before starting Grade 1.

Memories the other day, popped up with her as a five-month-old having heart surgery.

And just last night, Theo asked after seeing a photo, why Pip was in a wheelchair, after she had double-knee-surgery.

So, I'm gonna eat me some chocolate, breath I guess or whatever they say to do & refuse yet again to sink...