Today I'm thankful the Universe-God-Fate or whatever y'all believe, throws signs in my face.
I woke up, after a restless night.
Lifted up my shirt in the mirror, to check out my stitched-up-boob.
And winced at what it looked like & imagined the scar it would leave.
But, before I could go down a woe-is-me lane.
I stumbled upon my daughter.
Just loving herself so bloody damn much.

And the scars she bears are so very deep.
I often run my hand across the one she gained during heart surgery when she was just 5 months old.
Her Type-One-Diabetes wounds, pretty much cover every inch of her little body.
And every single day, when I'm putting on her knee braces, I'm reminded of her double-knee-surgery.
Yet, every single day.
Pip lives life LOVING every inch of her freaking-beautiful-self...