This morning when I heard Pip flick on her light switch & start gathering her baby dolls to line them up on her bed, like she usually does each morning, I rolled over to see the time & groaned loudly enough to wake everyone.


Freaking super. An hour earlier than her normal absurd 5:30-no-matter-everything-we’ve-tried-wakeup-time.

As my mind started racing about how little sleep I actually get & the list of to-do’s on my plate today, it quickly stopped.

Normally, I’d go racing into her room.
Shut down the early-am-party she has started.
Give her a talking & demand she sleep more.

However, this morning, my heart took over.
I creeped into her room, gently put her back in bed, crawled up in her little single with her & just held her.

And cried & cried & cried.

Because, another momma in our Down syndrome community is hurting so badly & would give anything to be dealing with her daughter getting her up early.
She’d give anything I’m sure just to have her sweet little Indy Llew wake up.

And I know there are soooo many children and so many situations, where this is the case.
Trust me, our non-profit gives out Kick-It-Capes to thousands upon thousands of kids who bravely fight.
So, I see it all the time. I actually have to almost shut it off or it would do me in daily.

However, this morning I let it take over me.
And as I held my little girl, whose been through so much herself & daily has battles she faces, I prayed.

For her, for Indy, for Australia & the damn cute Koalas.

Cause, sometimes, ya just gotta give in & feel all the feels.
And I love that my little Pip knows that.
She just lets me hold her for hours on end, periodically reaching up with both her hands as she grabs my face and plants her kisses that somehow, someway always seem to heal me...