Dear Pip, 
My sweet whirlwind-of-a-daughter. 
Every single night, before you fall asleep. 
I tell you, 
"I love you. I'm so proud of you. 
And I'm sooooo happy that you're mine." 

And every single night, I mean every single bit of it. 
But, today. 
My heart can't even, tell you how damn in love with you.
I really am.
I am so glad life decided YOU needed to be my daughter. 

Because today darling, you shined, 
oh so bright. 
It's like you knew today was because, of YOU.
And girl, you proudly soaked in every minute. 

You hammed-it-up for the cameras.
You kept making people giggle, as you dramatically reacted to something they said, with, "OH MY GOSH", as you put both hands over your cheeks & kinda curtsied. 
You demanded we sing the silly songs we've made up for each other. 
So, in front of a room full of people, I had to flap-up-my-arms like wings and sing in a high-pitch-English-accented voice, 
"Momma Bird - Momma Bird - I am your Momma Bird." 
You taught the other kids how to say, "cheese" or posed their hands to copy what you wanted them to do. 
You yelled out, "next boy" whenever you wanted to meet the next kid.
You were excited & made time for every single person you met. 
You made them feel welcomed. 
You invaded a few's personal spaces. 
And when you didn't want to participate, you let us all know. 

You did YOU!
Like you always do. 
And I'm so proud of that. 
So, on a day like today. 
When I got to witness tears from other mommas, who shared their stories. 
About how they got their child's Down syndrome diagnosis. 
Googled it - Got discouraged - Found YOU. 
And, YOU changed their perspective. 
How incredibly powerful. 
My God, child, what PURPOSE your life holds. 

Pip, I am honoured to be your momma. 
And I am humbled to be able to host a day like today. 
This is our FIFTH Year making a #differentisbeautiful Calendar & every year I know it goes down as one of the best days a human being can possible live. 

I am forever changed because of YOU. 
You have dented the universe forever.
And I am so glad, you are my girl.  

I love you beyond...

[All photos by Eden Grove Photography]
[#differentisbeautiful Calendar shoot hosted by Delta Waterfront]