Yesterday was full of giggles.
Being outrageously silly.
And busting outta school to have a day to remember.

And yet moments in it, I felt utterly shattered.

When her wheelchair got dropped off.
When pre-admin called with her operating time - 7:45 am for all you prayer-send-uppers and good-thoughts-givers.
When I heard the school made a special announcement for Pip's Birthday & to think of her today during her surgery.
When my son asked at bedtime, if he could ask a few questions, including, "Can Pippy die?"
And when I rocked her, as long as I could, trying to soak her in as much as possible.

Because every surgery, makes me thing "what if".

What if something goes wrong?

I hate that it even flickers in my mind - But after doing this TWELVE times.
It does.

And now with Type 1 Diabetes it makes every surgery that much more complicated.

So, we did yesterday up.

With hopes for everything today.

Fingers crossed - Prayers sent up - All the good vibes, & positive thoughts ya got please...