Above my daughter's crib rest a small painting that reads, 
"Life is more beautiful, because you are here."

And no truer statement can be made about my Pip.
Every one who meets her leaves feeling good.
She holds a special connection with just about anyone who enters her life.
Any space she's in feels brighter because of how she shines. 

And that's why I share glimpses of her with y'all. 
Her magic just simply can't be contained. 

And because of her, so much has been inspired.
But, because of YOU, so much has been accomplished.
Truly, y'all have given me & Happy Soul Project this opportunity to have a voice that stirs up change & creates amazing things inspired by my little girl.

Including our 2018 #differentisbeautiful Calendar that we are trying to get in classrooms across the globe.

As of right now, over 350 schools have them to powerfully hang up, hopefully starting a conversation & preaching a message of acceptance & inclusion.

And the fact, that my little girl who turns FIVE today, inspired such a movement is beyond me.

So, while I lay here beside her as tears stream down my face I'm in awe.
Awed that this little person was chosen to be mine. 
Awed that her life holds such powerful purpose. 
And awed that we have so many people around the world who lift us up.

Not only have we felt all of your love this week, after Pip had major surgery, but we know we can count on you today to leave a mark on her birthday...

So calling on #PipsArmy
The 32,998 of you on Facebook.
The 25,600 of you on Instagram.
And the 2,145,571 of you that have viewed the blog.

If all of y'all donated just $5 towards our #ClassroomCalendarProject, can you imagine the amount of schools we could reach.

But since only a fraction of you comment or like a post, I'm assuming only that many tune in, or my settings are off, or it's because I've never promoted Happy Soul Project or something screwy like that. 

But guess what I've realized? Only a fraction, makes a pretty powerful punch.

So, if Pip these past 5 years. 
Has inspired you.
Has changed you.
Has made you laugh, smile or snort out loud.

If Happy Soul Project, these past 5 years.
Has moved you.
Has helped you. 
Has made you giggle, cry or rise up a fight for change within.

Then, please if you can, give just $5 to our non-profit today on Pip's birthday.

Our goal is for 5 Big Ones. 


Let's shake up the world today for Pip. Please donate HERE!!!