Once upon a time, there was a tired momma, who had been dying her locks outta-a-box. And along came another Ginger who sat down beside her and offered to help in any way. So, the momma explained that she had 3-wild-hooligans...

The first hooligan currently rocked hair like a middle-age-woman-similar-to-his-Aunt-Donna. 

The second hooligan had the cutest curls on the block, was the momma's last baby & one little bang trim had him looking all grown up.

But, the third hooligan, she was the wildest of them all.

For the past 4-and-a-half years, she had refused any sort of hair clip, headband, hat, even her glasses & currently won't even allow an elastic to hold back her pain-in-the-arse-growing-out-bangs. 

This hooligan was full of sass. 

Extra spicy. 

And normally has major sensory issues. 

But, wouldn't ya know it. Even though the momma fairly warned the beautiful Ginger of potential scenarios, the third hooligan was instead a God Damn ANGEL.

Wanting more and more.







Hello, Stunner!!!