My brother said it best, when I heard him tell his fiancé, "You're literally the prettiest woman I've ever seen."

And I can't help but agree.

My future-sister-in-law, Gabrielle is stunning.

Like flawlessly. 

And no matter what, you can't help but feel frumpy anywhere within her proximity.  

Not to mention she saw me and my life, exactly as it is. 

With 3 young kids, one with extraordinary needs, a house full-of-family & me sporting makeup for 2, heck maybe 3, days in a row. 

She saw me wearing a romper I picked up from Giant Tiger, rocking legs in desperate need of a shave.

She got to see an extra level of tiredness, because not only was I staying up-mega-late to play games with everyone, Pip picked up an ear infection, her #T1D was a rollercoaster of lows & my darling 6 year old, 27 pieces of Littles Pet Shop & 12 Beanie Boos were bunking with me in bed.

To really round out the hot-mess-of-a-woman I am, the entire time she was here, I proudly ate like a God-Damn-Teenage-Queen. 

Sending my dad on coffee runs which really meant a Tim's brekki: Grilled Bacon Wrap with extra sauce, XL Dark Roast & a honey crueler donut instead of a hashbrown. You're welcome. To ordering pizza, Greek food, & of course our traditional celebratory Red Lobster.

She got to see a lot of my upper lip from smiling so much, my sillier side & watched as my hand slapped my thighs numerous times because I was laughing so freaking much. 

And whenever the kids pulled or tugged at me, it exposed things like my double-ponch, I'm sure at quite the opposite of flattering angles. 

Add in changing dirty diapers, doing dishes & picking up the dog's shite before each backyard experience. 

And she got me.

She saw me as I am.

And my hope is, she at least saw a loved woman.

A gal who was cherished by her husband, adored by her kids & loved by her parents & brother. And that by marrying into our family, she at least knows she will be as such...