Today, my sweet Pip had somewhat of a play date. At her old EA's house with her daughters, whom Pip adores. 

We've been talking about it for days. And this morning, she excitedly picked out a swim suit & snack to sling along in her school backpack. 

As I went to knock on the front door, she patted her chest & said, "No momma, me".

So, I let Miss Independence knock alone. And step inside. While, I quietly watched as she gave her EA a giant-choke-hold-kinda-hug. 

Then I cringed & smiled at the same time, cause she tried to hurry me along. Telling me, "Bye. Bye," as one hand shooed me away & the other took the hand of one of the daughter's, she's affectionately nicknamed "KiKi". 

And then she had the best few hours, ever...

She swam and she was silly. She played baby dolls & danced to all her favourite toons. She showed off all her new words & got to learn how to play dress up with older girls, instead of her brothers. 

She played with her friends. And she felt loved and included. 

Down syndrome you can't stop friendships.
Type 1 Diabetes nor can you. 
Celiac Disease, you are a PAIN-IN-THE-ARSE, 
and everything else, y'all don't make things easy. 

But, let today show, for the record, mark it down in the history books. 


NO diagnosis or disability can stop people from connecting.

And that right there, is a powerful thing. 

I am, so thankful for that today....