I can't believe the images I'm seeing of this absolutely scary storm. Elderly in nursing homes with water up to their waists, cars & street signs going under and mommas holding their children, trying to get them to safety. 

Can you even imagine? 

I got thinking, if we were ever in a catastrophe, if we didn't have Pip's insulin for her #T1D, or her pills for hypothyroidism and if all we were given to eat at rescue centres had gluten in it & made her sick-to-her-stomach, we would be in very serious trouble. 

Let alone if they served spaghetti...

[I took a 32-second-pee]
I'm thankful today, my biggest problem, was cleaning up this mess of a child and nursing back to health a toddler-poked-at-eye. Right before I snapped this pic, Theo had been kissing every animal I had held up to my face. I tried to take a video but got this moment, where instead of a smooch, I got a two-finger-both-needing-their-nails-cut-jab right into my sockets.

To my hometown Windsor with all it's flooding, Texas & EVERYONE else effected by bloody #Harvey, hold on. 

The rain will stop and the storm will end...

Happy Soul Project has donated to the Red Cross - If you can help, please do so too: www.redcross.org