Just representing my home, The City of Kingston, that's hosting The Breakout Project

No pressure at all...
And in two days, I give an hour-long-speech at a Queen's University Philanthropy Conference, that I literally only have 5 key points to share, written with my kids marker on the back of a teacher's note. I'm going into it, the very definition of "winging it" for 56 outta the 60 minutes.
This could go ANYWHERE.
And public speaking is NOT my thing.
May I remind you:
I announced my 3rd pregnancy while giving a Ted Talk and told a tv host my ponch wasn't Doritos, but a BABY!

I blamed an entire country and it's magical ways, referring to our 3rd as #blameJamaica on a CBC radio show.
I gave a Huffington Post interview with no pants on.
And one news agency referenced, "Mom's ugly cry" when describing my reaction to seeing Pip's billboard.
So, I'm gonna go ahead and give myself some grace, bring my scribbled notes, my distracted-mommed-out-brain & face these big chats by simply sharing a wee bit of me.