Being a blogger. Being a mom. Being a human - In today's world with social media, sharing your life is sorta the norm. Whether you write-snap-tweet or post, we all kinda open up & share our lives to some capacity.

For me - It's my voice. And because of y'all, it's become this really loud, outrageously awesome, strong VOICE, that has some how put a dent in the universe. It's helping create a world, where different is beautiful and people are proud to be who they are. It's inspiring an environment where all people are valued & encouraging inclusion as much as we possibly can. It's my platform to demand change, so that my daughter & others always feel safe, respected & accepted. 

[The Cities of Windsor & Kingston have proclaimed March 21st to be World Down syndrome Day #amazeballs]

And I'm so beyond humbled y'all have given it to me.

But, all that being said. Sharing stuff. Being a blogger. A writer. A proud-momma-showing-off-her-kids. A human in today's media age. It sometimes becomes a bit much. Or a comment will rub ya the wrong way. Or someone will be out-right-ignorant & write words so ugly & hurtful about Down syndrome, 
it sometimes makes me question why I do any of this. 

Why I share my life. My children. My everything. 

And then days like today happen. March 21st - World Down syndrome Day. And you can literally feel the "world" celebrate HER...

You see friends & their kids rocking #lotsofsocks. You see people posting pics in their Happy Soul Project shirts. You see people tagging you or creating hashtags with your daughter's name in them. You see your husband tuck his shoes into a pair of neon green, florescent pink & bright blue socks on his way to work. You see your son proudly ask the bus driver, "Happy Down syndrome Day Abby. You got your socks on?". And you see a school & a classroom come together and literally celebrate her so hard, she was giving out hugs like it was her birthday. 

[Hugging her Big Brother - #swoon]

And it all makes sense.

Why, when she was three days old, cradled in my arms and doctors were giving us the positive test results regarding Down syndrome, my life changed forever. 

One specialist looked at me straight in the eyes and said, "Don't worry, we can prevent this from happening again if you have a third baby." 

That man will never know the fight he created, the stir for change he inspired & the simple fact that there is no way a diagnosis can predict the extraordinary love a momma will have for her child. He could never possibly know, how his words would in turn create such divine purpose in my life. 

And that is why I share what I share and do what I do. Because I feel my daughter's impact on the world everyday. But, especially on days like today. 

Happy World Down syndrome Day...

One Lucky momma

#WDSD, #DownsyndromePROUD