Today I'm thankful for friends who I am in awe of. 
Today after finding out Theo has croup & talking with a surgeon to book Pip's 11th surgery, I thought, "Holy feck Universe, bloody ENOUGH!"... 

But then the person who lost her little boy to what my baby has, reached out to me & in a way let me borrow some of her strength.

And I think that's the amazing thing about women. We lend everything we got. Literally...

Our bodies, our hearts & our strength. We raise children, scratch that, we miraculously BIRTH human beings. We then give all our EVERYTHING into making them good human beings. We are the GLUE that holds marriages, friendships & families together. And we are POWERHOUSES when it comes to heartbreak, difficulties & challenges in life. 

[Check out - Sidenote: Noal is just one here & I'm 5 months pregnant with Pip]

I'm in awe of some women in my life. And I'm so thankful for that.


[All that was going through my mind at the time, "DO NOT drop the bacon dip."]

[One year old Noal]