Sweet Jesus, do Facebook memories take a walk down memory lane or what? Sometimes I look at a photo and it kinda shocks my system, sending it down a path of emotions. Take this photo for example. 

Man, am I thankful perspectives change, your mind can shift and your heart can heal. The first few months after Pip was born & I was still "grieving" her Down syndrome diagnosis, I use to look at pictures of me pregnant with her and almost cringe. I use to get angry & think, "How the bloody hell, did you not know? You're such an idiot, here you are all happy and pregnant and little did you know your whole world would be flipped upside down."

Then Pip got all up in there, into that heart of mine.

Now I look at pictures like this and think, "How the bloody hell, did you not know? You're such an idiot. Why oh why did you waste so many tears and such heartache on something that can flip your whole world upside down."

In 2017, we are celebrating her. Pip. And in turn we are hoping to create a useful tool in bringing awareness & education about Down syndrome.

So, we've partnered with SafeHaven to bring you some cool Christmas gifts that will help others this season. You can not only get our 2017 #differentisbeautiful Calendar in their popup shop, but you can snag some of these adorably groovy pj's too.

Visit the popup shop HERE & for 20% off, use code: pjsforcharity 

Just something about all my kiddos in matching pjs, makes me right swoon...