It's a Club I didn't really know existed. 
It's a Club I didn't know I wanted to be in. 

It's a Club that fights hard, loves big & connects in a way only we-in-the-club, really understand.   


But it's also a Club, I am a tad wee jealous of...

You see, it's almost like I don't get to enjoy or explore that piece of her because I'm dealing with so many other aspects of who she is or what she has.

We were told back-to-back-to-back that our daughter had Down syndrome, Congenital Cataracts & Heart defects with no time in between to comprehend or look back. And since then, it's been one thing medically after the other. It's like Down syndrome was put on a shelf while we dealt with everything else and we haven't had a moment to take it down, dust it off & really get to know it. 

It's a Club that I feel like I'm missing out on because I'm in so deep with everything else. 

And I guess that's why i love 2017's #differentisbeautiful Calendar so much, because I get to share those parts of her, that I love so much. I get to share what I find cool about Down syndrome. What I would say if I gave a little talk to her school or did a presentation to a class. And in a way this calendar makes me feel like I have my feet in the doorway of the Club - And one day when all the stuff she actually suffers from is more manageable, I hope to be a more active participant. A bigger advocate. A momma that goes on Buddy Walks, celebrates Down syndrome Awareness more & significantly recognizes what it means in my daughter's & our lives. 

It's a Club I was once so scared of & now desperately want more of. 

Until then I am a Proud Member since 2012

Together with the Canadian Down syndrome Society - We have put together a wickedly cool basket with CDSS t-shirts, a Happy Soul Project sweatshirt, a 2017 #differentisbeautiful Calendar & one of our Be Awesome Today signs made by artist with extraordinary needs.

To enter: Simply share this blog post & in the comments below or on Facebook let us know you've shared it. A random winner will be picked by the Canadian Down syndrome Society.