The Down syndrome Club...

It's a Club I didn't really know existed. 
It's a Club I didn't know I wanted to be in. 

It's a Club that fights hard, loves big & connects in a way only we-in-the-club, really understand.   


But it's also a Club, I am a tad wee jealous of...

You see, it's almost like I don't get to enjoy or explore that piece of her because I'm dealing with so many other aspects of who she is or what she has.

We were told back-to-back-to-back that our daughter had Down syndrome, Congenital Cataracts & Heart defects with no time in between to comprehend or look back. And since then, it's been one thing medically after the other. It's like Down syndrome was put on a shelf while we dealt with everything else and we haven't had a moment to take it down, dust it off & really get to know it. 

It's a Club that I feel like I'm missing out on because I'm in so deep with everything else. 

And I guess that's why i love 2017's #differentisbeautiful Calendar so much, because I get to share those parts of her, that I love so much. I get to share what I find cool about Down syndrome. What I would say if I gave a little talk to her school or did a presentation to a class. And in a way this calendar makes me feel like I have my feet in the doorway of the Club - And one day when all the stuff she actually suffers from is more manageable, I hope to be a more active participant. A bigger advocate. A momma that goes on Buddy Walks, celebrates Down syndrome Awareness more & significantly recognizes what it means in my daughter's & our lives. 

It's a Club I was once so scared of & now desperately want more of. 

Until then I am a Proud Member since 2012

Together with the Canadian Down syndrome Society - We have put together a wickedly cool basket with CDSS t-shirts, a Happy Soul Project sweatshirt, a 2017 #differentisbeautiful Calendar & one of our Be Awesome Today signs made by artist with extraordinary needs.

To enter: Simply share this blog post & in the comments below or on Facebook let us know you've shared it. A random winner will be picked by the Canadian Down syndrome Society. 


  1. Thank you so much Tara, for always being so open and honest with us. I will share everything you have to offer <3

  2. Maggie Edwards7.11.16


  3. Thanks for sharing your family with us. Shared

  4. Tara, I'm honoured to be in this club with you. I've share this post, and I'll proudly continue to share the message that Different is Beautiful! ☺

  5. Amber Blackwell7.11.16

    Shared.. Member since 2012 also.

  6. Tammy Pike8.11.16

    Shared this post.
    Please don't sell yourself short Tara! You are already a big advocate for Pip and others by doing all that you are. You've created a blog where many go to for support, you raise awareness, you've had billboards, a Ted talk, magazine covers and photo shoots, numerous radio and tv interviews, spread that different is beautiful, sent out kick it capes, employed people with disabilities in your be awesome today sign shop, raised awareness with calendars and merchandise. Youre now dealing with another diagnosis that you've had to master...type 1 diabetes and preparing for yet another surgery for little Pippy. All of this while raising 2 other beautiful children as well. I am sometimes amazed that I get my pants on the right way in the morning, lol! You are an inspiration to many, myself included. So keep on fighting the good fight mama, you are amazing!

    1. "Amazed that I get my pants on the right way in the morning" - Haaaaa this made me giggle...Thanks for the love...

  7. Shared. Honoured to be a part of this special club too ! ❤

  8. Shared ! Honoured to be a part of this special club too! ❤

  9. Shared. Honoured to be a part of this special club too ! ❤

  10. Shared because I am a proud member

  11. Amy Campbell8.11.16

    Shared 😊

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    Shared!! Different IS Beautiful

  13. Anonymous8.11.16

    Shared! I got confirmation that my calendar is on its way as of last night...perfect timing for my presentation to a kindergarten class and Sparks troop!

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  15. Heather9.11.16

    Shared! Thank you so much for always sharing with us. You inspire me!