In our home, there is this one wall, that for over a year now, I've imagined the perfect piece of art to represent my little family. And for some reason, I kept coming back to the idea of a Subway sign. 

I wanted a symbol to look at daily, of how this all started, the journey we've traveled on thus far & the love it's brought into our lives. 

When I met my husband in Windsor, I was a cocktail waitress & he was a poor University student. We had barely any money, a whole lotta love & some big, adventurous dreams. 

With a suitcase each, we kissed our family & friends goodbye & moved abroad to Dublin, Ireland. We lived in literally a one room apartment, I used the 4 kitchen cupboards to store clothes, we drank way too much Guinness, met amazing people & made memories, I'm sure we'll talk about till the end. 

Since then, we've had three kids, moved a bunch of times, lived in numerous cities and discovered a love so beautifully chaotic it makes me believe in fate. My husband often tells me that he knew after our first date that he loved me & I often question if maybe deep down I knew too. 

Maybe that boy who tried to give me a high-five after the "best first date he's had" was always the boy for me. Maybe fate knew this was the boy I needed. This was the partner who balanced me out. This was the man who makes our Hometeam work. 

And this was the sign that reminds me of it all. Can't thank Art By Kelly for getting it so perfect.