Dear Mariah in Grade 5, "actually a Grade 5/6 split class", who wants to be an "artist & writer like me". Who has been "talking to Noal" & can't wait to see Pip next year - "I mean I can't wait it's like when you order something amazing but it takes a long time to get here." 

Your sweet, little letter & handmade presents made my day. Noal & Pip were like you predicted, "happy to get mail". Thank you for making Noal feel so special on the bus & for being so excited for my little girl to start Kindergarten. What you did was really, really thoughtful.

But you will never understand the perfect timing & way it kinda eased a momma's heart. You see Mariah who believes, "What makes you different is what makes you beautiful", not everyone does. 

And my momma heart was kinda sad & stressed about that lately. 

Pip as cute as she is & as confident as she is, is still just my little girl. And some people don't see the world & the beauty it holds as clearly as you do. Some people don't see Pip for who she is but instead for the differences she has. 

A few weeks ago Mariah, I had a meeting with your school. And while it made me feel happy knowing how much the teachers there care, how much they will look after her and keep her safe - It also brought up issues that made it blatantly apparent that my little girl is different and has different needs. 

Take the bus for example - You so kindly offered to look after Pip, to "sit with her and keep her safe". And I so wish, I could take you up on that offer Mariah - But this is one of those times that sometimes makes me a little bit sad. You see, Pip will have to take a different bus. A bus that is guaranteed to keep her safe. One that has seat belts and less people. It's a smaller bus, some might call it the "short bus". 

The "short bus" Mariah is what makes me sorta sad. I'm sad in this scenario that Pip has to be "different" - I'm sad she doesn't comprehend bus safety yet. I'm sad she is too little to climb the big stairs on your bus. I'm sad no one can guarantee that my son can go on the bus with her until closer to September. I'm sad she won't get to wait at the bus stop and meet cool, girls in the older grades like you. And if I'm being 100% honest I'm sad because the term "short bus" holds such a stigma & I'm scared other kids will tease her. 

But the really amazing thing is, I'll only be sad for a wee bit. That's the magical part about Pip. Sometimes you feel sad about a scenario for a second or two, but then Pip surprises you with how awesome she really can be. And you realize there was nothing to be sad or worried about in the first place. 

And your letter Mariah, believe it or not, held a bit of magic to it too. 

So thank you...

Love Pip's momma