A few months ago I put out a "call for help" to re-design & work with me on a new website to launch Happy Soul Project as a Non-Profit Organization. It's with the happiest of hearts, I introduce you to the team at Hurricane & Harbour {More on them in a later blog post} who spend countless amounts of time making my vision become a reality.

Friends, launching this new website today, is like releasing a dream that somehow has always been within me. It's such a powerful and personal accomplishment in my life.

I've come to understand that Happy Soul Project is my purpose & I'm hoping the new site shows that. Now you can read the blog, shop or visit the non-profit side of things all on the same site. You can nominate a child for a Kick-It-Cape, help the cause & donate or check out our new initiative, Change Makers.

In a way all of this feels surreal. Sometimes I wonder how in the bloody world, any of this happened. I mean there are days I literally don't have time to brush my teeth or I literally don't have the energy to get the kids outta pj's. So, the fact that I run a blog, shop & now a non-profit organization truly blows my own mind.

In a few hours I am giving another school talk - This time at the elementary school I attended as a child.

I'm sure it will be weird to walk the halls again, to remember the classrooms as a little girl, I would daydream about becoming a writer in. To see a part of me from that time & now stand before students telling them that dreams with hard work really can come true. Cliché I know, but so undeniably true. I also want them to understand though, that sometimes you have to be open to opportunities in different ways. Going to college for Journalism & writing for a newspaper, was what I thought would make me a writer. That "kind of writing" though was not for me - My heart was not in reporting the facts, it was in sharing my story. So while, dreams can definitely become a reality, sometimes ya just gotta get creative in getting there.

I hope today the little girl sitting in the room I once did, the little boy daydreaming in the spot I use to sit & the kid in trouble about to go to the principal's office, like I use to have to, realizes & finds their purpose one day, like I have.

I hope you love it as much as I do...Click HERE if you haven't already linked to new site.