Couple things to clear up since posting about our Fish Funeral & Pip's cream cheese chow down:

1. Literally two seconds after Noal flushed Finny & needed a hug. He also need a bunny, a parrot, a gecko & pleaded for a cat. 

2. Those that truly know me, know I'm not much an animal-type-gal. For the most part they scare me. To see me getting swarmed by birds is not a pretty sight.

3. After hugging Noal, wiping his little 4 year old tears away and determining that Finny had to go, cause obviously Maiysn needed a fish. I quickly set a home team rule that no pet can be in a cage which easily meant reptiles, rodents or anything with wings. Noal accepted the rule laughing cause he knows I'm scared of most of those things. Then he gave me one of the smiles that's gonna get him so far in life. I swear this boy's charm is something to see. He then shrugged his shoulders & said, "Well then a cat." 

4. Hell-to-the-no-bloody-hell way. Not only does my face blow up exploding from allergies but I'm truly petrified of the moody little things. 

5. Please all y'all cat people. Calm the heck down. I know y'all love them cats, but I don't need tons of messages to try and change my mind. To each their own.

6. Speaking of messages, to everyone who messaged saying you'd like to get Noal a bunny, so very sweet and extremely thoughtful. Seriously. But please see comment #3.

7. If you want me to be brutally honest, I was sad to see my kid sad. And it gave me a flash forward to seeing how awful it would be if our pup died. But Finny, I wasn't that attached. I HATED cleaning the fish bowl, I'm the only one that fed the darn thing & I thought when I got him it would be a short-term thing. How long do fish live? Heck, I thought we'd have him for a month or two. 

8. When I told Noal I was amazed Finny made it to 8mths, he started bawling & said, "But momma, he didn't even get a birthday." So, cue the birthday-funeral-flush-send-off.

9. I love that my kid has such a sweet yet dramatic heart.

10. My other kid however, is in a real Miss Independent Stage. I answered our front door and signed for a package. Came back and she was like "What, nothing to see here. Move along momma."

11. I do not label my children's food - Well not all of it. So many questions, messages or comments about Pip's big-ol'e-jar-of-Philadelphia-Cream-Cheese with her name on it. The reason I do that is because of Celiac Disease.

12. Cross Contamination - WHAT? Ya, not only can Pip not eat gluten, but you have to worry about someone else's gluten getting in on her food. So separate toasters, things like peanut butter, cream cheese, jams, etc - anything where a crumb from a slice of bread could possibly be, Pip has to have separate. Uber annoying having to pull out two toasters every morning, but has to be done. 

Hope y'all have a good week:)