Today I distracted my little girl as she saw specialist after specialist.
Today I held my little girl down as they tried to take blood & kept losing a vein.
Today I wiped away my little girl's tears & kissed her bruised up arms over & over.

Today I wanted to cry, scream & pack 'er in. Today was hard. 


Tonight I preached to medical students the joy in having a child with special needs.
Tonight I proclaimed to medical students the value in ALL life. 
Tonight I challenged some medical students perspectives on disabilities & I got to be the voice for the unnecessarily negative outlook on a Down syndrome diagnosis.

Tonight despite today being so hard, I got to share our story & hopefully inspire a wee bit of change.

Because no doctor, no disability, no diagnosis can predict the extraordinary love someone will have for their child. 

No doctor, no disability, no diagnosis should define who a person will or can be. 

And no doctor, no disability, no diagnosis should ever, Ever, EVer, EVEr, EVER, {that's me meaning it} determine the value or purpose of somebody else's life. 

This is how I preach...So, Amen.