Lessons in Knee Kissing...

Yesterday at a dentist appointment there was an older boy in a wheelchair in the waiting room. Pip who has absolutely no concept of personal space walked right over to him, said "Hallo" in her new British-Adele-accent & started kissing his knees that were eye level with her face. 

Sometimes the magic inside of her, really pours out when she does something like that. Not that this fella needed his knees kissed, cause really who needs that? But in the sense that this fella maybe needed some attention. It's like she focuses in on what's truly important in that moment - Toys were everywhere, a movie was playing, other people were around but she chose to focus on him. 

Which was a good wake up call to me. 

I have so very much going on - We all do. There is always so much "noise" in the background of everyday life; never-ending-to-do-lists, books to read, shows to watch, games to play, projects to complete. But we all, or at least I do, need to figure out how to turn that off at times, focus & see whose knees need some kissing...

Maybe those "knees" are family. Maybe those "knees" are a friend. Maybe those "knees" are a fear you haven't faced. Or maybe those "knees" are a dream you need to chase. 

Whatever the case try to see through the "noise" of life & get to kissing them today...

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  1. Anonymous13.4.16

    Oh Pip, you're a beautiful girl with a truly kind, gentle heart ♡♡