Yesterday at a birthday party, despite bringing a gluten-free lunch & cupcake, Pip had a full-on-give-me-that-pizza-or-I'm-gonna-have-a-full-on-melt-down moment. It was my first taste of what life can be like with this whole Celiac thing, outside of our home environment.

I've been trying so hard to learn & do everything I can about Celiac Disease - Making sure our home & her daycare is stocked with gluten-free food, getting separate toasters & butter dishes because of cross contamination, reading every damn label like it's my job & joining Celiac groups to learn from others ...

But it's hard - And moments like yesterday make it that much harder. 

Now I have to wonder will she steal a kid's cracker at daycare? Will she stuff Playdough (even that has bloody gluten in it) down her hatch? Will she eat something that has been cross contaminated accidentally? Will she freak out at every birthday party or event when she can't have what others are? Will she be able to even comprehend that gluten makes her so sick? 

Gluten, why the hell do ya have to be in so much stuff? And as an added bonus, it turns out, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE GLUTEN - Literally, bloody everything I eat or enjoy has gluten in it. 

So, to help my little girl & to dive in deeper & teach me faster, I'm going to try to be Gluten-Free for a month. Those that truly know me, know that this is HUGE and that by day three, I may pull my own give-me-that-pizza-with-gluten-in-it-melt-down. 

But here goes...