Face of Motherhood....

These pictures were taken today, after hours of wearing Pip in a carrier to comfort her, after days of fighting her fever, many attempts to get her to eat more & stay hydrated and after too many sleepless nights to even keep track. In reality I could look at these picture and pick them apart; I'm not wearing makeup, I haven't done my hair in days, my pj shirt is full of baby spit up & yesterday's kid's nose wipes. But that's not at all what I see... 

When I looked at these photos, my mind immediately thought this is my face of motherhood.

This is me, in all my glory embracing what motherhood looks like for me. And right now, as a stay-at-home momma, it means not knowing when I last washed my hair, heck even being okay seeing glistening-pieces-of-grey take over. It means not wearing makeup for days upon days & when I do, applying it like it's an Amazing Race Challenge who can finish first. It means wearing leggings, sweatpants & loose shirts so that I can breastfeed my 3 month old with ease, play with my 3 year old & be thankful for big winter coats that cover it all up when I wait for my 4 year old's school bus. It means having constant back & shoulder pain because I wear my babies too much, stay in awkward positions so they remain sleeping and danced a little too hard to their favourite songs. It means losing myself a little, or a lot, so that I can be all theirs.

That's my motherhood story. That's not everyone's, nor should it be. That's the real beauty in this motherhood thing. It's different for everyone & it's constantly evolving and I LOVE that. I love that for some the face of motherhood looks completely different; Some moms are polished & put together achieving career goals, crafting like it's a job, heck even making their own soap. Some moms are working 2 part time jobs to be able to provide a home & food for their babies. Some moms are desperately waiting to get a call for an adoption to go through. Some moms are in hospitals holding the hand of their child or having to learn to say good bye. 

Each journey is different, each story isn't the same but whatever we do, however we do it, the face of motherhood is such a beautiful thing. 

So, no matter what your story is, no matter what face motherhood looks like for you right now, no matter how you are making it work to raise your children. Be encouraged, don't compare your journey to others and learn to embrace your story whatever it may look like...


  1. Absolutely beautiful! As hard as it is when little ones are sick(my daughter just got over a month of being sick), the moments when all they want is their mama and fall asleep in our arms(or on us) make it all worth while.

  2. I SO needed this in my own life today. Thank you for reminding me that it's ok to have my own reasons...that don't look like anyone else's. :)

    I hope your little Pip recovers soon!

  3. Motherhood in Life is very hard, but after the moment when you see your baby smile you understand what is real happiness!Great blog, and thank you for your post!its very inspiring!