Spirit, Sass & Sweetness....

I can't believe my sweet Pip is 3 today...So very much has happen in 3 years and I can't help but reflect {mostly at 2am while nursing Theo and looking back at photos and memories} on it all. I could sit here and write a book about her diagnosis, all her surgeries, having the fear of God put into me at the thought of losing her & coming to terms with it all. Or I could try and write some wise, deep, momma filled words about how much she's changed me & how very much I love her. 

But I won't. Today, I simply want to just celebrate her. 

Her spirit, her sass & her sweetness...

This little girl, beyond anything has taught me to see the beauty in living a life painted outside the lines. 

So to celebrate her, the 4Cats Art Studio in Kingston was kind enough to host a paint splatter party that totally reflected everything that is Pip...

Surrounded by family & friends we got covered in paint & cupcake icing & just loved up my little girl...

Happy Birthday Pip - I love your spirit, sass & sweetness.


  1. Happy birthday beautiful

  2. Love!!!! Happy birthday Pippy all the way from Gilbert, az!!

  3. Anonymous16.12.15

    Happiest of birthdays to Pip! I love reading about your journey :)

    Tricia aka the tiny tudor