There are some things that happen in my life where right away I want to sit down, write and share - Then there are moments that just seem to take me awhile. Moments that I want to let soak in and try & understand how significant they are in my life before finding the words to share. Such a moment was the Canadian Down Syndrome Society Conference...

The CDSS Conference itself was magnificent...The care put into the weekend, the joy filling each event, the pride the staff exhibited, the food, the speakers and the people, oh the people...

The people changed me...Hearing Self Advocates talk, seeing the purpose in all of their lives, witnessing moments that literally made my heart so very happy.

I was talking with one young man on the elevator and he had dosed himself in some sweet smelling cologne, so I commented that he smelled nice. He smiled shyly and told me it was for his girlfriend that he was meeting at the dance. The elevator opened and like a scene from the Bachelorette this young woman, all done up like it was prom came running over and leaped into his arms. I watched them all night, dancing, giggling, holding hands and my heart could barely take it, because that was one of the things when finding out Pip had Down syndrome I was so very sad about. That she might not experience love. Couldn't be happier that I was ignorantly wrong about that one...

And I know that this is uber stereotypical, but seriously there must be a Get-Up-And-Shake-That-Booty Gene that makes up that extra chromosome. The moment dessert was done and the DJ played one beat of a song, the entire dance floor filled up and shook like it was the end of a really good wedding. My sweet Pip leading the way.

I'm honestly not sure who danced more, Pip or I, but damn my girl knows how to work a floor. She confidently & continually kept going up to people making them dance with her...#shegotitfromhermomma
Posted by Happy Soul Project on Sunday, 17 May 2015

And on to my darling Pip, I was a weekend of emotions being there with just her. The night before I was set to do a 45 minute speech, I looked at my daughter sleeping and I was overwhelmed by how full circle my life had become. I mean I was once afraid to tell people my daughter had Down syndrome and now here I was shouting it at the top of my lungs for the entire planet to hear...

But to me what was so amazing about speaking at the CDSS Conference compared to other events I've spoke at or my Ted Talk, was that I didn't have to "take people to church" - You see when I'm speaking in other settings, it's like I have to prove why having a daughter with Down syndrome is a beautiful thing. But at the conference I was surrounded by parents, siblings, and people that love someone with Down syndrome. I got to just talk - Just share my heart and thankfully connect with theirs.

I got to see other mommas in the room cry as they understood what I was trying to say. I got to see a lot of heads bob up and down as people agreed with what I thought. I got to meet, hug and connect with others who are walking a path like mine. And it felt sooo good, I didn't have to prove why we are the Lucky Ones, everyone in the room already knew it, felt it and lived it too. 

This conference was more than just a conference to me - It was inspiring, it was powerful and it held so much joy for my daughter's future.

Thank you Canadian Down Syndrome Society for including us, it goes down as a huge moment in my life. 

And hello have y'all seen ANYONE as happy to take off as this girl?

WestJet have y'all ever seen someone like a take-off more? #shouldhaveseenherwhenlanding
Posted by Happy Soul Project on Thursday, 14 May 2015