2016 #differentisbeautiful Calendar Model Search

So with Baby #3 coming this fall, I had to get on our 2016 #differentisbeautiful Calendar Model Search ASAP...For 2016 we will be featuring kids in one of our Kick-It-Capes to bring awareness to whatever they are fighting or whatever "difference" they want to celebrate... 

I'm extremely proud to say, we have given over 2,500 Kick-It-Capes worldwide to kids fighting cancer, terminal illness or accepting & celebrating a difference in their life. We've also given capes to siblings because of the incredible journey they face when seeing their brother or sister go through what they have. 

Therefore, we want to honour all those 2,500 kids who have received a Kick-It-Cape and also keep Maiysn's memory & legacy soaring. So, if your child has received a Kick-It-Cape or has reason to have one, and you'd like for them to be included in our 2016 #differentisbeautiful Calendar - Please do the following:

I can't wait to see & share the beauty we find for 2016...

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