Blue or Pink....Either way Blame Jamaica

Tomorrow we find out what "Blame It On Jamaica" is...If ya haven't heard by now our little get-away back in January, the vacation that finally got me to slow down, relax, drink, dance & chill-freaking-lax with my husband also got me knocked up...

This pregnancy if y'all want me to be brutally honest, is kicking my arse...I wasn't too sick with Noal, & shoot with Pip, I didn't even know I was pregnant the first 3 months - But this one, oh this special one, is getting me good...Not only have I puked my way through the first trimester now 5mths in, I look about 8 months prego. It's like my stomach knows it hasn't worked out since 2007 and once it senses a baby, it just expands as if it wants people to stop and say, "Oh wow, you must be due soon." 

Add being beyond exhausted, running Happy Soul Project, being a momma to two kids under 3 and then having the busiest, most creative-energy-sucking couple months of my life {Hello Ted Talk how are you?}.

All that being said, I'm oh so happy we will have 3 little hooligans to call our own and I love the thought of being a family of five. But, I'm a little torn about the gender tomorrow...I love the thought of Pip sandwiched between 2 sweet boys but I also love the thought of her being a big sister to a little girl...

I can't even play the "Doesn't matter to me, I just want the baby to be healthy" card because I've had a baby that wasn't...And I'd take her all over again in a heartbeat.

So, I guess my biggest fear is how we let down Noal if it's not the "broder" he's hoping for...

Next week we find out if #3 is a boy or a girl...Noal is banking everything on having a "broder" cause we already have a "sista"... #whatdoyallthinkitis
Posted by Happy Soul Project on Thursday, 4 June 2015

Whatever our little babe may be - I can't wait to see all he or she brings to our little family... 

What's your guess? 


  1. I'm picking girl!

  2. T W I N S - one of each!

  3. Anonymous9.6.15

    My guess is BOY!

  4. Boy!

    What does Chinese calendar say?

  5. Anonymous9.6.15

    A boy! My daughter is sandwiched between two brothers and it has been awesome! They are 16, 18 & 20 now.
    (I have a picture with Hannah and Pip at the CDSS Conference!)