With anything time is said to heal, help or fade memories, but what happens if you desperately don't want to forget them? What if you would give anything to remember moments that seem to be fading no matter what you do? What if the sound of your child laughing or the smell of their hair, or how they said "momma", is all you want to remember and can't? 

In November, my best friend had to watch her little boy take his last breath in her arms, as cancer took his life. And the utter heartbreak and devastation she is going through is unbearable to imagine. One of her biggest fears in all of this, is that people will eventually forget about him. That pieces of Maiysn will even start to fade from her memory. 

So, on Sunday with the help of others I tried to in a sense, keep him alive and show her that he is truly soaring by the legacy he is leaving behind...

But, really what is a legacy? {Watch THIS}

Is it having the influence to gather close to 100 people to spend the day working on something you inspired? 

Is it creating a bond between strangers connected because of what you suffered?

Is it needing more Kleenex because tears were flowing as stories were shared?

Is it opening up and challenging your own momma to speak from the heart and move a room full of people? 

Is it uniting strangers to feel like they were doing something that is powerfully helping others? 

Is it motivating a team to work tirelessly behind the scenes to create a day that showed others you absolutely can make the world brighter?

Is it showing your sister that you will be remembered in every single cape made?

Is it leaving something behind that is helping other children, siblings & families when they need a dose of Superhero hope & strength? 

Is it inspiring over 200 Kick-It-Capes to be made in ONE DAY and sent to kids around the world fighting the same thing you were?

At Happy Soul Project's 1st Annual Bee of All Bees, Maiysn's legacy lived on, he was felt in the room and I hope his momma got to see just how high he is soaring...

Thank you to all the women who took time out of their lives to spend the day with us - I hope you walked away feeling the change you made. Thank you to my Happy Soul Project gals who go above and beyond helping and love what we are doing as much as me. Thank you for all the guest speakers who shared their lives, their hearts and their stories touching every single person in the room. Thank you to the Delta Kingston Waterfront Hotel for once again hosting one of our events. And thank you to all of these sponsors for helping make this event such a success: Costco, Chapters, Jack Astors, Pepsi Co, Hostess, Coke Co, MADD- Non Alcoholic Wines, Shoppers Drug Mart Bayridge, Scott Ford Pharmacy, Days on Front, Flower Market,  Amal & Ehab Armanios, Joannne Gordon Hlady, Lyle & Shelley Stephensen, Bonnie Sparrow - Rodan & Fields, Kawartha Credit Union on Taylor Kidd, Riley's Garden Centre, Copper Penny,Metro-Bayridge, Marble Slab - Owner Erin Cook, Cut'n Dried Hair Salon & Donna Campbell...

All photos once again by the lovely Eden Grove Photography
It's amazing how my heart felt overwhelmed, proud, humbled, grateful, sad, inspired & hopeful all at the same time. And I have to say it wasn't just me and my prego hormones, you could feel this energy in the entire room the entire day. A movement has started and it's all because of one little boy and one cape. He will not be forgotten, I promise.

Change your world friends.